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this award is for the funniest or most embarrassing moment when camping




Blow Me Down

    The funniest thing I seen was young Clancy Skinner at the recent SE Qld members  weekend get together at Spring Gully. He wanted desperately to go to the toilet, but instead of walking to the toilet nearby, he decided to go and use his mothers porta-potte toilet, needless to say in the middle of doing his business his toilet tent collapsed, with a few people watching.

    Poor Clancy was very embarrassed trying to pull his pants up, all his mother Jill could say was the porta-potte was for grown ups, not kids, serves you right.



runner up


Dessert Defend

   On of the funniest things I have seen while camping is Ken's big trip across the campfire at Copeton Waters last year. But what took the moment was Renee's defensive reaction while eating her dessert.

   In the words of Wayne Dwyer.....

   It was a pleasantly mild evening and the blazing campfire ring was creating a lovely ambiance as we gathered for a chat and a couple of ales in its glow.

   We had Ed and Donna, Ken and Renee, The Chillcots, Rob, Paul and Rachael and Myself and some of the kids, among others that were flitting about from fire to fire. All was right with the world, God was in his heaven what could go wrong? No radios or TVís, just good company and happy conversation. What a fantastic atmosphere.

   Ken had just cooked a couple of Custard and Apples in foil on the coals under the careful supervision of those gathered, especially Renee. There was much merriment, laughter and happy conversation while Ken and Renee tucked into their dessert.

   Ken, upon finishing his, got up to clean his plate when he suddenly lunged across the circle diving straight at Renee. The only thing that saved Renee was her quick reflexes. She performed an expert fend that Shane Webcke would have been hard-pressed to emulate, leaving Ken clinging to the arm of her chair barely holding his balance.

   The crowd was silent, in shock at this unprovoked attack and the skillfully performed defence move, and in awe of the fact that Renee didnít miss a beat and kept eating her dessert unflustered. I was thinking that this must be one of those silly games we married couples play from time-to-time and had a bit of a chuckle.

   Once the shock wore off and we calmed down enough to be able to ask what that was all about, Ken explained that, as he got up to walk across the circle, he had trodden on his untied bootlace and the rest is CamperTrailers Group history now. This, of course, then brought the house down. I am still snickering a week or two later; it took me three goes to tell my wife the story when I got home.

   Happily this ended as a happy, funny tale and has given me a memory which will be with me for a long time.