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Australian CamperTrailers Forum guidelines

The Australian CamperTrailers Forum provides a place for like-minded people to chat camper trailers, travel or just camping in general, free of commercial advertising, pressures or promotion of any kind. Please respect the privacy of others & do not use a commercial business signature tag.

Please resist the temptation to flame others in the group. Treat others as you want them to treat you. Avoid derogatory or judgemental postings about any particular make of camper trailer or tow vehicle. Similarly avoid provocative statements or judgemental comments about other individuals, businesses or groups. Careless words can be hurtful.

No claim is made to the accuracy or authenticity of content on the Australian CamperTrailers Forum. In no event will the co-owners of the Australian CamperTrailers Forum or its members be liable for the accuracy of information contained in it, its use or reliance placed on it. Any dangerous or illegal topics will be removed.

The information on the Australian CamperTrailers Forum is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the Forum undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. It is suggested you seek more than one opinion on important topics.

Please do not post advertising for camper trailers or associated camping gear in the Australian CamperTrailers Forum. You will find the camper trader page on the associated website for that purpose.

From time to time members host weekend get togethers in the name of the Australian CamperTrailers. Due to legal issues no events can be organised without full prior consultation with the Australian CamperTrailers co-owners and their consent.

Please keep in mind that the Australian CamperTrailers co-owners will not accept any responsibility for members or non-members actions during weekend get togethers. If you decide to attend, it is solely at your own responsibility, including any side trips or outings during the weekend meet

Australian CamperTrailers forum & Australian CamperTrailers Facebook Group co-owners, Rob, Kevin & Jason.