Coming back to camper from caravan

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Coming back to camper from caravan

Post by Us & The Dogs » Sat Nov 07, 2020 8:43 pm

New member, and stating we are coming back to a hardfloor camper, from a poptop caravan. Plenty of reasons for it, but cost of running our last vehicle a Pathfinder, and pulling a heavy van, is the main reason. We did have a soft floor camper before, and loved it. We could go anywhere with it. Not so the van, it stopped us from getting into those tight in the middle of nowhere, nobody out there camp spots. Also, we would head inside, instead of sitting around the fireplace, when it got cool/cold. All our cooking was done inside as well. No more dutch oven or billy can cooking. We were not enjoying camping anymore. Even though we are at the age, that you look for creature comforts, we realised, these creature comforts, were what was stopping us from getting out and about, like we were doing 10 years ago. Not anymore, back to the basics, and the fun

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Re: Coming back to camper from caravan

Post by robcaz » Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:15 pm


Carol & I travel very similar, using back roads & trails taking a week to drive between towns that most only take a few hours to a day on the main road. We love remote bush camping & not not stay in caravan parks.

This is one of our trips ... kroads.htm
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