new wiring & battery install reg

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new wiring & battery install reg

Post by robcaz » Mon Jan 29, 2024 12:17 pm

Hi all,

A new standard AS/NZS3001.2:2022 has come into effect from 18th November 2023 in regards to requirements for wiring, inverters, solar panels & batteries installed in new recreational vehicles built in Australia or imported from that date.

The new regulations stipulate that a lithium or a lead acid AGM battery cannot be installed in a habitable living area, such as inside a caravan or camper trailer, unless it is placed in a sealed enclosure or the installation location is sealed off from the habitable area & is vented to the exterior environment to minimise the potential for harmful gasses & fumes entering the living area.

The new standard does not effect existing installations, however if you are replacing your older lead acid batteries with lithium batteries the install must be within the new standards.

The new standard does not cover batteries installed in a vehicle.

A video explaining the top two requirements can be found at
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Re: new wiring & battery install reg

Post by Us & The Dogs » Thu Feb 01, 2024 8:59 pm

Even though it doesn't affect my set up, my battery is in a dedicated, sealed battery box, that has all the various plugs on the outside, and is used inside the camper at the bottom of the bed, I take it that is not safe anymore. My battery is a 38ah Gel, and I need it to be portable as I use it when just car camping with the big tent, and also, as a backup, in the house for day power outages that we regularly have. The battery box does have a small vent which is filtered. I am not going to change the way I use it. Have been doing similar all my life.

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