Tarp or no tarp

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Midnight madness
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Tarp or no tarp

Post by Midnight madness » Thu Feb 29, 2024 5:56 am

Hi everyone
We have recently bought our first soft floor camper and it will be stored in the open on our driveway.
Should we put another tarp over it to protect it or will that just encourage mould issues?

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Re: Tarp or no tarp

Post by robcaz » Fri Mar 01, 2024 12:22 pm

Hi Nath,

A good quality silver tarp placed over the top of your soft floor camper trailer will help protect the vinyl travel cover from the sun. The sun quickly breaks down the vinyl making it brittle.

When we had our camper trailer stored outside we had a silver tarp large enough to cover the travel cover with a small breathable car cover over that. My idea was to allow everything to breathe & not create a mico climate that would allow mould & rust to fester.

Make sure your canvas is dry before storing your camper trailer. We always set up our camper for the day after a trip, whether it is a weekend or a few months, to allow the canvas to dry & place the foam mattress in the sun.

We also had a problem with ants making a nest in the camper trailer. I solved that by spraying surface spray up the inside of the jockeywheel outer tube & around the axle between the brake hub & the leafs, both locations out of the weather.

Hope this helps.
happy camping
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