4WD Tyres

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4WD Tyres

Post by chrissquared » Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:27 pm

Just before we set out on our 12000km, 7 week camping trip I researched new tyres for my Pajero as I knew we would be doing some off-road stuff - eg the Plenty Highway and also the road out to Lawn Hill NP. After extensive discussions I settled on FALKEN tyres and put them on in March. We set out April 16 and all was well until the road from Camooweal into Lawn Hill where I got a puncture in the right rear. As it created a slow leak I did not realise immediately and by the time I did the tyre was "stuffed". Thanks to some passing helpers we changed it and got to Lawn Hill where the local fixit man informed me he could not repair it and I would need a new one. We then modified our plans and following 3 great days at Adels Grove (Lawn Hill) we drove 342km to Cloncurry as that was the closest (on bitumen, apart from the first 74km) place to get a new tyre. Could not get a Falken and had to settle for Nexen. I emailed Falken to complain but they said luck of the draw. So I am now just asking the question is there a consensus as to which tyres are best for 4wd's which should not give you a puncture in most cases. I know BF Goodrich are the "Best" but also the most expensive.!!

Any suggestions before I do our next trip to anywhere??

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Re: 4WD Tyres

Post by robcaz » Fri Jun 08, 2018 5:04 pm

Hi Chris,

I assume you went for an All Terrain style of tyre? It is a good idea to let a little air out of your tyres when travelling over dirt & corrugated road, it improves a quality & allows the tyre to give. A good guide can be found at http://traveloutbackaustralia.com/outba ... ures.html/

A tyre monitoring system will allow you to keep an eye on the vehicles pressures. Usually I can feel if a tyre is going down, but when towing it seems to be a little late before I realise. The Jeep has an inbuilt tyre monitor with an alarm set at 18lb.

Hope this helps.
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