2018 the CamperTrailers year that was

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2018 the CamperTrailers year that was

Post by robcaz » Sat Dec 29, 2018 6:35 pm

Hi all,

It was another memorable year for campertrailers.org. From our beginnings in 2001 with the Australian CamperTrailers Yahoo Group & now with the addition of the Australian CamperTrailers Forum & the Australian CamperTrailers Facebook Group, we have a combined membership of over 21,000.

Members are free to choose which of the three medias to chat camper trailers, travel or just camping in general with a bunch of like-minded people. The trend these days sees facebook as the most active form of communication with a steady stream of membership.

Thanks to everyone for their informative input during the year especially those who are knowledgeable in their fields for sharing & guiding those less informed. Without your input the group would not exist. You make it the most friendliest group of its kind both on & off line.

The friendly banter seen online also extends to the regular weekend get togethers with plenty of laughs around the campfire. Like I always say you might meet as complete strangers, but part as old friends at the end of the weekend, such is the camaraderie.

Thanks to those who have hosted a weekend get together in the name of the Australian CamperTrailers. Also a big thanks to those who had provided the weekend write ups & who have sent photos for the write ups for use on the campertrailers.org past events page http://www.campertrailers.org/past_events.htm

The Australian CamperTrailers Group 14th national meet was held over the week from Monday 1st to Friday 5th October 2018 at Bungendore located on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales. The meet attracted 80 camper trailers, caravans, slide-ons & tents with one-hundred & eighty people from as far a field as the South Australia, Victoria, Queensland & Tasmania. It was great to see such a diverse group of people attending, from young couples, families, retirees, to grandparents with their grandkids, all enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded people. Thanks to those who hosted an activity or workshop over the week http://www.campertrailers.org/bungendore18.htm

The Australian CamperTrailers Group 15th national meet will be held over the week from Monday 30th September to Friday 4th October 2019 at Bonalbo located on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales http://www.campertrailers.org/national_meet_2019.htm

The http://www.campertrailers.org website continues to expand & is the best information resource for camper trailers on the net. Thanks to those who have contributed with articles for the my camper page, trip reports, tech tips & especially the DIY section. It is amazing how resourceful camper trailer owners are when it comes to improving something that just doesn't seem to be working right.

Thanks to those businesses who have also offered members discounts to recreational camping products or services. Much appreciated.

Thanks to manufacturers who have joined the group & posted unbiased opinions & also let us know what new lines they have on offer through the `what's new on the camper trailer scene page' http://www.campertrailers.org/new_gear.htm

Hope all members have a happy camper trailer year in 2019.

happy camping
Rob & Carol
happy camping
Rob & Carol
Australian CamperTrailers Group co-owner

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