MDC Jackson FF V Bluewater Darling??

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MDC Jackson FF V Bluewater Darling??

Post by DervlaMc » Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:44 pm

Hello everyone,
New to the forum! We are looking for a forward fold CT. We're a family of four (kids are still young, 9 and 7) living in Perth, and complete newbies to the camper trailer thing. We're from Ireland originally so have to admit to being a bit clueless about so much that it's a bit intimidating! We've had a look about and we think we have narrowed down our choice to the MDC Jackson FF and the Bluewater Darling. There's a such a difference in price (about $7k) but, other than getting a general impression that the Bluewater is a quality camper, and really enjoying the big windows and airiness of this camper, we are struggling to understand what we would get for our money. We know that there's a 5 year canvas warranty with the Bluewater, v a 1 yr warranty with the MDC, but otherwise I'm struggling to compare in a meaningful way. I'd be very grateful for an informed opinion! We're not likely to do any heavy off-roading. Just light off-roading and caravan parks etc. Thanks in advance for any and all advice : )

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Re: MDC Jackson FF V Bluewater Darling??

Post by robcaz » Sat Mar 30, 2019 10:11 am

Hi DervlaMc,

Quality, value for money, reliability as well as after sales service & product back up should be high on the list. A quick Google will soon sort out the brands you need to avoid, however keep in mind more will complain about a product that is faulty than praise one that outshines the competitors. You will also find quality preloved all Australian made camper trailers on the for sale pages which will save you a fair bit from buying new.

Forward fold campers can have a heavy ballweight owing to little storage in the trailer itself, with storage boxes mounted on the A-frame being balanced by two rear spares wheels & a large rear water tank.

Best of luck.
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