dangers heating confined spaces

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dangers heating confined spaces

Post by robcaz » Tue May 14, 2019 5:10 pm

Hi all,

With the first hint of winter comes a timely reminder to the dangers when heating a confined space. Please use extreme caution when using gas, dual fuel & kerosene heaters or even stoves for that matter, inside an enclosed area such as a tent, camper trailer or caravan to keep warm on a cold night camping.

Please make sure you have all windows open so the fumes will not build up.

Carbon monoxide is formed whenever any carbon-based substance, which is most substances, is burned with an inadequate supply of air. Even when there is adequate air, carbon monoxide is produced if the burning reaction is only partly complete.


More on this subject can be found in the tech tips pages at http://www.campertrailers.org/heater_dangers.htm

If you stay in a caravan park, a 240volt electric oil filled column heater to keep the internal space warm overnight when it is cold is the safest alternative to a bar heater which can be knocked over.

We prefer to bush camp throughout the year and have found thermal underwear a great addition to winter camping. Luckily at most bush camp sites we can light a campfire. We make our bed up in our camper trailer the same as we do at home with a sheepskin underlay & doona etc. Last winter we tried microfiber sheets & PJ's. The bed felt warm when we got in & we were toasty warm down to -5 degrees.

If it gets colder we throw one of our canvas awning sidewalls over the bed to stop the cold & reflects body heat. If it is very cold don't forget a hot water bottle or two if you really feel the cold.

You will find an informative article by Mark Eddey on dressing for the outdoors when winter camping http://www.campertrailers.org/outdoor_dressing.htm
happy camping
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