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 guanaba creek weekend

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guanaba creek weekend

Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th February, 2014


The first outing for South East Queensland members of the Australian CamperTrailers Group in 2014 was hot, hot, did I say hot. We got to figures of over 38 degrees during the day and the members that camped on the left side of the camp had the benefit of the trees most of the day for shade so everyone brought chairs over to try and cool down. Some members were seen trying to nap out of the heat in the campers by bringing out beds to try to be cooler. Unfortunately the lovely running creek that was flowing the last time I was at this camp was so dry. Guanaba certainly needs some rain to fill the creek and in turn then to fill the water tanks at the camp.

Four soft sided and four hard sided campers attended the meet represented by
Greg & Lisa, hosts - Jayco Starcraft Outback
Rob & Lynne, first timers to the group - Lifestyle Extender
Alex & Jill plus grandchildren Aylee and Nate - Aussie Swag
Ian & D’sley – Mod con
Peter & Kaz – Galaxy
Gregory & Angela – Jayco Heritage
Paul – Cub
Lindsay & Robyn – Pacific Allymaster

With everyone set up by dark on the Friday, the fire was the meeting spot for catch up time. Saturday we had the normal morning tea finding the thickest shade under the trees, where everyone introduced themselves especially to the new comers and ones who hadn’t been to a meet for a while. Morning tea followed into lunch in the same area trying to stay cool. After lunch half the group had a drive to Hinze Dam to see it now that the dam wall has been raised and doubling its capacity. I am not sure if it was the dam that was the attraction or was it just the drive because you were in air conditioning while in the car. The kiosk and its ice creams was an extra bonus as well. Aylee and Nate got to cook mashmellows after tea on Saturday and enjoyed sharing them with one and all around the fire.

Sunday morning saw most people packing up while their camps were still in the shade. Ian and D’sley were to stay till Monday but because of the heat decided the air conditioner at home sounded better which left ourselves the only ones staying the night. We left for the afternoon for a party at the coast and arrived back at camp just on dark. We didn’t need to cook tea but we did light the fire and sit reflecting the weekend and my catch up with many relatives during the afternoon.

Some of the highlights of the weekend were:
New name for Alex & Jill – grampers - camping with grandchildren.
Discussions on both days regarding a certain book that was being read “Fifty Shades of Grey”. You had be at camp for the input from many people on this. Laughter all around.
Lynne asking both Alex and Robyn how to operate our Cannon cameras on manual settings and expecting us to know.
New cocktail drink for happy hour – lychees in champagne. They tell me eating the last of the three lychees really gives a bite.
Fires at night, with everyone sitting on chairs on the other side of the wooden seating barrier.
Rob and Lynne timing how long to set up their camp with an audience all around watching.
The chair shuffle by many people to avoid the jumping ants.
Late night visit to fire of a grey cat which sent one of the dogs on a mission. Guess what it came back when just us there so must of not had too much of a fright.

I was elected and volunteered to do the write up for Greg and Lisa as writing up meets is not his favourite pastime, it is researching other camping spots for us to visit. Lots more things could be written but everyone abides to “What happens on camp, stays on camp”. Thank you Greg and Lisa for organising the meet and even with the heat the weekend was enjoyable with lots of laughs and look forward to next time in the great outdoors.

Robyn and Lindsay




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