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Lloyd says he keeps his tent peg puller inside the camper out of the weather.


The most handiest item around my camp is Pam.

She hangs on to the end of all sorts of ropes, knows where I left the mallet and tent pegs, holds up the annex while I rush around trying to find the springs, listens to my winging about other drivers, navigates, knows where all the best bakeries are, ensures that I can still fit a couple of cans in the fridge whilst having to pack enough food for the trip, holds the funnel whilst I tip fuel from the jerry's into the main tank, always has the necessary "wipes" to get the fuel smell off our hands after the refueling exercise, sleeps against the canvas side of the camper, keeps me warm at night, changes the cd's whilst I am driving, makes cups of coffee whilst I am driving, eats pies from my "under the bonnet" pie warmer without commenting on the slight smell of engine oil, always knows where the box of matches are, always knows where the torch is, always knows where the toilet paper is, always has a spare tissue and the lip-ease, climbs the highest hill in the area because I want to, gets up in the middle of the night because I prefer to drive at night on long trips......................

I could go on but I think I have said enough to get the diff lokka I am after.