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Mark's water jerry idea



jerry hand pump

Having trouble tipping that water from your jerry   

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Here's an idea from Mark & Annette for getting water from a jerry without lifting it each time or fitting one of those plastic taps that screw into the side. These taps are vulnerable & quite often make it difficult to fit the jerry into a rack or pack it inside the trailer itself.

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 Mark & Annette came up with an easy idea of fitting a caravan hand water pump to the lid of a plastic jerry. They go on to say..................

 We fill up our jerry's with a hose running from the water filter on our kitchen sink at home when packing our camper. In camp the red lid comes off the jerry and the lid with the pump & hose goes on.                       

pump1.JPG (19598 bytes) This water is used for boiling the billy & drinking only, we have 140 litre water tank in the camper & this is used for all other aquatic activities. We take one or two water jerry's depending on where we are going & length of trip etc. If we have shopping facilities nearby or are travelling we only take one jerry, as its easy to buy a couple of 10L casks (water I mean) from a supermarket or roadhouse to fill it up mid holiday and packing one less jerry is a good thing.


thanks to Mark & Annette for this information