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 Heifer Creek weekend

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heifer creek weekend

Saturday 20th to Sunday 21st September, 2014

We arrived at 9.30am, without our Chihuahua, “Oosha” as she had died a week before. We were surprised by the number, about 8 campers already there. (not with camper trailers org)


We were nearly set up when Bill & Jen arrived, with their camper this trip. This only left Ian & Deslie to come to complete the mob, which they did early afternoon. They bought with them their new arrival “Max”, now 15 weeks old, that made 3 generations (German Sheppard's) to control.

Angela had collected with the help of the chain saw, the first nights fire wood and had a good fire going by the time happy hour came around which was welcomed due to chill setting in. The “cooks” managed a damper with fresh local honey & pikelets with jam for morning tea


Mid Saturday morning, with Bill & Jen in tow, we set off to explore some caves, which were in times gone by inhabited by the local aborigines. These caves are not commonly known to the general public, however on a previous camp at Heifer Creek, we met up with a “living member” of the tribe,. Who told us how to find them. Unfortunately, “others” have visited the site and left it worse for wear.


On the way back to camp the chain saw came out and we, with Bill & Jen (Ian & Deslie back at camp, “baby sitting”) collected the night's fire wood. Happy hour started via “Glasgow Time”, time was taken off to cook dinner, then back to happy hour!!!!


Sunday saw Bill & Jen pack up and head home to wash down the camper due to having spent some time at 1770.

By mid-day Monday we were heading home and Ian, Deslie & “family” were off to Cecil Plains Weir for some solitude for a week or so ?????


The weather was very good to us for the main part, got as low as 8 deg, with a shower late Sunday that did not affect happy hour, but cut the late night fire a bit short!!!

All in all a good camp



Gregory J & Angela




photos gregory >>>>