Past Events

Homewood Easter weekend meet


easter 2010 at homewood 
on private property near toowoomba

    Rex and Anne arrived late morning on Wednesday. Spent most of the afternoon setting up. Weather forecast was for a few showers but that night received a good downpour of 18mm – luckily the main storm dropped 75mm about 10km away in Crows Nest. I think it was Rex’s satellite dish causing some kind of vortex.

    Rick and Carol then Allan and Cathy arrived Thursday arvo with Gus, Jayden with Bree arriving around dusk and set up not long after – this was the quickest anyone had seen the Skinner Rig set up, perhaps Jill and Clancy should come later more often. A quite night was spent around the fire with the main stay to arrive on Friday.

    The following arrived Friday in no particular order:
Graeme + Helena + Amelia + Lauren + Elanor
Robyn + Lindsay
Peter + Tina + Damian
Kevin + Kathleen + Courtney + Daniel + Paul + Cheryl + Francis
Colin + Jenny + Henry + Bess + Holly
Paul + Wendy + Simon + Carol + Ashley + Rachel + Brooke
Col + Paula + Tamara + Jono
Glen + Andrea + Sam + Poppy
David + Janet
Michael + Mary + Rachel + David
Peter + Gerelle + PJ + Chris + Shelly + Ben

    I was told someone turned a two hour trip into five to get here – but we were assured the scenery was lovely. Also had to slash a little more area as Carol thought there wasn’t enough room.

    Happy Hour saw nearly everyone together for a short introduction to the property and the local bities. The usual introductions were done but with the numbers there it was a little difficult to remember all. Later a few fires were lit and the highlights of the day and plans for the next were discussed over a few drinks.

    Things to note for the day:
• Fascination the kids had for the composting toilet – better than any playground
• With the quote of the day being “But how do you flush it?”
• Mmmm – late night cake by Robyn

    Saturday saw the arrival of the last campers Jill, Erin and Clancy after their efforts to keep Moree McDonalds staffed over Easter.
Morning tea was held under the trees with the usual scones, cakes etc and a special treat of savoury sausages by Rex hot off another gadget – the BBQ Webber look alike. Rex also presented Rick with a solar light for the toilet – installation will wait until the toilet is completed – thanks Rex, and for supply the light for the toilet during the meet until I do (ahhh more work).

    Our day visitor Shane turned up but could only stay briefly due to family commitments. Hope all his questions were answered. Quite a few campers made some excursions to the sights around the area or just mingled and checked out other setups and gadgets. Before long the afternoon slipped away and it was almost Happy Hour – but it was also milking time so two families went off to the neighbours and saw the process first hand. I must thank my neighbours Colin and Violet for their efforts. I was expecting perhaps a ten minute walk through but Violet had the kids in the milking pit with her and gave them a look up close – including the splatter from the southern end. Colin then took the kids to feed the calves and hopefully Mary will send a few photos to Rob to include in the report. All up over an hour and sadly I missed Happy Hour so not sure if anything reportable happened there.

    Most campers slipped away for tea and being such a large group split into a few fire rings again. The trips done and places seen were discussed and a few broader subjects (no not 12V again..).
Highlights for the day:
• The dairy
• Someone who didn’t walk the distance to Crows Nest falls – the picture of it was good enough they said
• no cake

    A few late stayers around the fire got to reminisce what it was like to attend to the children when they became disturbed during the night. Drink more rum – who needed Happy Hour.

    Sunday threatened a few showers late in the day that didn’t eventuate. However, this didn’t stop some from venturing forth to see the sights. Happy hour was fast approaching and a few more kids for the dairy (just wasn’t going to get to Happy Hour was I). Around the fire that night the following was noted:
• Turtle (when discussing behavior) “When I was a young lad Grandma just took me outside and toed me up the backside” with the response from Robyn “It didn’t work then?”
• Robyn making Lindsay cook the cake twice – once on the fire to burn the outside and once on the gas to cook the inside – yum cake and no Noel here to eat all the burnt offerings
• Peter keeping warm beside the fire with Damian as his chest warmer
• Jenny sound asleep beside the fire
• The sad tale of no port until Robyn located her stash

    Monday dawned with the inevitable thoughts of pack up and facing the traffic for some. All too quickly it had concluded. Hope everyone had a safe trip home. The five hundred metres home was uneventful for us. Turtle and Helena stayed until Tuesday with Rex and Anne to go Thursday. Rex promised to show me his Mercury shower setup again and I bet there will be some other gadget he has hidden away he can pull out.

    I probably missed many an incident on the weekend due to the size of the camp but this can’t be avoided. Hope the newer campers to the group enjoyed it and will come to a few more (perhaps even hold a meet?). For the first time campers it is just the beginning for you..

    Other highlights:
• What did this lot forget – they left half an hour ago – thanks for the bottle of Bourbon but not necessary
• Rick thinking the toilet was full and wondering how it filled so quickly - when it wasn’t
• The total lack of any wildlife at night (apart from the bull ants) – the camping noise was just too much for them
• The neighing horses and the roundup party
• The queue for the toilet in the morning
• The energy children can have
• The day trippers who left a thirsty man behind – should have got the fridge out of the car

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