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Kangaroo Valley weekend meet



Kangaroo Valley

winter woolies weekend meet

NSW members meet at Glenmack Park NSW

 held on the weekend of Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th August 2007


   The weekend began with the hosts, Jason & Sue, and their daughters Jess & Sherri heading down to the valley on the Thursday afternoon with their friends and group guests Glenn, Mary-Jane, Jessika & Tom to set up camp and take delivery of the firewood.

   Camps were set up with a minimum of fuss, and a casual sit around a small fire followed. Well – the firewood needed to be tested to make sure that it was up to scratch for the remainder of the impending campers.

   Friday morning saw a real Kangaroo Valley morning, with a thick fog that you could barely see 10m though. As the fog lifted, the majority of the campers began to arrive, with Kerrie & David Jamieson and Hailey & Lachlan arriving first from Canberra, arriving much earlier than Kerrie’s guest family – Brian and Tina from Nowra, something Brian and Tina will find hard to live down for some time. Throughout the day saw Richard & Leonie, Kevin, Mike (or was that Elton) & Christine, Geoff & Barb, and lastly Elaine & Richard, arrive in about that order, and they took about their set-ups in a timely manner. Elaine and Richard surprised us all, leaving their Complete Campsite at home, and arriving with their new Rooftop Camper to give it its first run. We all worried for them, and hoped they wouldn’t emerge the next morning with nosebleeds from the altitude they had to descend from.

   It seemed that most of us chose the powered sites, and the only ones who seemed prepared to brave the winter chill were the Tvan-ers. Must be something in the Tvan that keeps them warmer than the rest of the CT’s J. Either that, or as they would say – we were all softies!

   Whilst all of the set-up was going on, a hearty fire was being prepared for the evening, the weather behaved itself, with the sunshine on the nearby escarpment providing a brilliant backdrop for a relaxing afternoon by the fire. At this point we wondered what the poor people were doing …… then we remembered – we were camping in KV!!!

   Some quick “what have they got that is new” checks were done, and before anyone knew it, dinner time was upon us. Friday’s dinner saw everyone scamper back to their camper to prepare their meal & then we all re-convened at the campfire that had been kept nicely burning by Glenn & Jason.

   Friday night saw some old friendships re-kindled, whilst new ones were formed, and common interests were shared, whilst others told us of their recent ventures across this great country of ours. They just served to whet the appetite for the rest of us……… Oh the envy!!!!

   The fire was roaring & at some point was described as being “the best ever seen at a CT meet” by a bloke who should know what a decent fire is, and who has been to quite a few meets as well!!!! Now that must have been some fire!!!! At this point I will give my thanks to the Macca, the local firewood chappy – we will certainly be keeping his number for future events!

   Before long it was time to call it a night and gradually we all wandered off to our CT’s to snore the night’s imbibing off…….. or at least that’s what I’m told happened!

   Saturday morning saw a bit more of an overcast day greet us, so the fire was quickly re-kindled from the night before, and some gathered around the fire, more for the atmosphere than anything. More importantly than anything though – Elaine & Richard emerged safely from their Rooftop, declaring that they had a great night’s sleep and that they were more than happy with their new purchase – well done guys!

   Throughout the morning saw our day visitors - Brenda & Terry – some new members – and Greg and Marge arriving to cast an eye the events and to swap some stories with the rest of us. Over the next few hours, the Saturday arrivals moseyed on in and began their setups. These included Grant, Sol and their now somewhat grown-up offspring – Don, Stephanie, Kimberly & Michelle. Then there was Graeme & Vicki with Matt & Daniel – not to mention Graeme’s trailer load of gadgets & wonderful things, including his proudly home-built Camper Kitchen. Well done Graeme! Also in for the night was Alf & Vicki with their granddaughter Brittany and also Helen, Kim, Hannah & Daniel who battled all sorts of battles just to join us.

   During all of this, some of the Friday nighters took themselves off to see the local sights, including the not-so far away Fitzroy and Belmore Falls, as well as the café scene in KV itself.  After everyone was set up, those who felt like a small drive tagged along with the hosts to have a quick look at the local falls between the misty cloud cover. Some, who knew what to do, found a cache whilst others were introduced to Geocaching, finding the cache at Belmore Falls. Those who chose not to join the Falls Adventure made themselves at home back around the camp & kept the campfire burning

   Sue & Jason thought dinner would be nice up in the outdoor BBQ area together, and everyone joined in for the Campertrailer Group Meet Meal (well – everyone that was told – we are very sorry to those who missed out – we had thought everyone knew what was happening). Anyway, the fire was lit in the BBQ area, and all sorts of meals were produced, with lots of yummy smells emanating from all corners of the undercover area. Lots of laugher was heard, and Elton almost burst into song!!!! Even the young English couple camping in their little Dome Tent came up to join in and get some warmth from the fire and began chatting all things camping with the resident experts – they even joined us at the main fire after dinner to continue to swap their adventure stories.

   Grant also tested out his Satellite TV set up to make sure that he has the configuration correct for the National Meet at Copeton in a few weeks time. All should be well for all 3 major Footy Events that occur during the National meet, so well done to Grant!

   Once dinner was over, the group migrated back to the main camp fire out in the open. Stories were told, lessons were learnt and some forms of music were played. Generally a nice pleasant time amongst like minded friends was had, and all sorts of fluids were consumed – be they coffee, tea or some other fluid. Around midnight saw the last of the revellers leave the campfire, and about 5 minutes after that saw the rain settle in for the night, just ensure that those of us leaving on the Sunday had just that little bit of extra camping to do when they got home – the obligatory dry-out setup!

   Sunday morning saw most groups leave & head wearily off back home to contemplate when they could dry their campers out. It seemed that no-one was in any real hurry, and the hosts seemed intent on demonstrating how relaxed they could be during a long pack-up, and to show the others just how long it can take to do the inevitable, if you really put your mind to it. Some of the T-Vanners were bemused by all of this, but they just don’t know what they are missing out on. Elton thought that we were creating some sort of award for ourselves, whilst constantly reminding us of the need to have an award for the tidiest T-Van or neatest new gadget.

   The hosts eventually dragged themselves away from the lovely spot that is Glenmack Park in Kangaroo Valley, and left it in the safe hands of the lucky last 3 campers. Unfortunately though, the weather didn’t clear up as we hoped for them, and they probably had an even wetter camper to dry out than the rest of us did when they got home. I even heard a whisper that one of the T-Vans was going to turn up at Copeton with a Snorkel and a set of fins. I believe they’ll also be playing Crocodile Rock as they drive into town!

   Many thanks to all who came along and shared the weekend with us – we had a great time, and we certainly hope that you did too. The weather overall wasn’t as cold as we expected, and the friendships just continue to grow. Also many thanks to the true hosts for the weekend – Dion & Tara from Glenmack Park – the location & facilities were perfect.

   The feeling is that we will meet there again – probably around the same time next year, so all those that couldn’t make it this year can come and join us, and those who did, can come back and enjoy more of the sights and the atmosphere. Also – apologies are made for any names spelt incorrectly & and defamation that may have occurred!

written by Jason & Sue



 Sue, Jason, Jessica & Sheridan with Bonnie

Ace Oodnadatta

Toyota Prado 2000

Glenn, Mary-Jane, Jessika & Tom with Roxy

Hard Floor/Hard Walled/Hard Top CT

Landcruiser 100

Alf & Vicki with Granddaughter Brittany


Kia Rio

Graeme, Vickie, Matt & Daniel

Simon Heard Adventurer

1998 GU Patrol

Brian & Tina

Hard Floor/Hard Walled/Hard Top CT


David, Kerrie, Hailey & Lachlan

All Terrain

Nissan Patrol

Richard & Leonie

Aussie Swag

Landcruiser 100


Aussie Swag Rover LX - 2005

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

Elaine & Richard

Rooftop Tent

2003 NP Pajero

Geoff & Barb


Landcruiser 80

Mike & Christine



Grant, Sol, Don Stephanie, Kimberly & Michelle


GQ Patrol

Kim, Helen, Hannah & Daniel

Central Coast





Day Visitors



Brenda & Terry



Greg & Marge






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