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Kate's waterworks




Water System for your Camper Trailer

Kate & Paul have devised an idea to provide water on tap around their camper trailer.


   The waterworks box. This picture shows the outside of the waterworks box. The bottom valve governs where the water source comes from, either the purpose built 132 litre stainless steel watertank or from a jerry, another tank, creek etc & in which case a hose is plugged into the snap hose fitting above it.

    The top valve directs the water to either the kitchen/outside tap next to the box or to the shower via the snap hose fitting below the valve.

    You will notice a tap on the outside next to the waterworks box which is also plumbed into the kitchen line. There is a manual caravan handpump mounted on the front of the camper trailer as well.

    Inside the waterworks box. The workings of the water system is based on a JABSCO pump. When the tap is turned on water flows, just like at home.

    Picture shows the Anti Surge Unit on left with 12 volt pump next to it.

    There is an inline filter which lays along the bottom of the box.

    The whole waterworks system is controlled by a 12 volt master switch on top of the box & is wired to the on board battery.

    Water to the kitchen. Picture on left shows the water outlet to the tailgate kitchen on the rear of the trailer & on the swinging tailgate.

    Picture on the right shows the tailgate open & hose in place to provide water to the kitchen tap. This hose is removed in transit & travels tucked away in the kitchen.


     A shot of Kate's kitchen showing tap location.




Thanks to Kate for this information