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Kimberley Kamper bike rack





ken's kimberley bike rack

Ken looks at another simple solution to carrying bikes on their Kimberley Kamper

      On our old soft floor camper we carried two bikes on the A frame but this is not an option on the KK. We don't have the boat rack option on the KK so are limited to removing the bikes to set up camp. We started just lying the bikes down and tying them in place but this is awkward, not too good for the bikes and far from elegant!

      We wanted the simplest and quickest way to load and unload the bikes and preferably carry them upright. Looked at the various roofrack options from Rola and Thule but they all seemed too much cost and too much trouble.

      In the end, the solution was much simpler. It consists of a few strips of velcro and two upright square gal posts joined by a cross piece at the top held together with thumb screws. We remove the two rear legs from the roof rack and insert the two vertical posts. One bike goes against each upright and is held in place by three velcro strips - one holding the head stem or cross bar to the vertical post and one holding each wheel to the side rails of the roof rack.

      We add a chain for security if we'll be away from the camper at any time during travel. Adding more bikes would be easy, either adjacent to the first two bikes or with extra uprights at the opposite end of the camper. The cross piece is really just for a bit of lateral support but, if its the right height, could be used to anchor other bikes at the handlebars.

      Removing the bikes and posts is simple and quick - the posts/crosspiece fold together and can be stored with the poles.


Thanks to Ken for sharing his idea with us