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Kimberley Kamper sagging canvas fix





kimberley kamper sagging canvas

Ken's simple fix to his Kimberly Kamper's annexe roof support bars


      Spreader bars are provided to support the annexe roof on the Kimberley Kamper . At the camper side, the bars fit into sleeves sewn to the annexe roof. This arrangement works ok, but we found that it tends to pull the roof down on the zipper and looked like it might cause a problem with time/use.

      We purchased three pole brackets from Whitworths - the front two are screwed through the canvas into the internal frame, the rear one needed a backing plate since it didn't line up well with the frame.

      We've used this a couple of times and it seems to provide better support for the annexe/ roof and gives it a better shape. Also means there's less need for ropes for short stops (provided no strong winds).




Thanks to Ken for sharing his idea with us