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    Our camping adventures started with a variety of tents, then we bought a Cavalier (soft floor, off road) camper trailer. We quite liked the Cavalier camper except that it took a while to erect and pack up. So we sold the Cavalier and bought a Millard 2005 16ft Pop Top caravan, which is very comfortable and has everything in place. We have since bought a Cub camper trailer to take to those areas difficult for caravan access. We thought that maybe one of our 3 daughters may like to borrow the Cub and come away with us someday.

our cub camper trailer

    It is a 1994 model, in great condition, bought on ebay sight unseen for $3,500. It has a hard floor, an inner spring mattress and an annexe. I have modified it by adding a 12volt battery system with two DC outlets plus 4 x 240volt AC outlets with a safety switch. I also fitted a winch to assist in erection and packing up.

what we like

• It’s light weight (220kg tare weight) and easily moved single handedly
• I can tow it with either my Corolla 1800cc car or my Prado.
• I don’t need extension mirrors as I can see over the top of it
• I can put my bicycle and other gear on top of it
• Ungrassed areas are no problems for the hard floor
• It can be erected or packed up in about 5 minutes, by one person
• It’s ideal for a couple, although 2 kids could sleep on the hard floor at a pinch
• The annexe also has attachable sides, all of which are simple to erect
• It has internal side hatches for storage
• The annexe poles are stored in pipe holders


• No kitchen. However this doesn’t bother us, as items such as a gas stove, water containers etc can be separately stored in our car.
• No Fridge. We either take our 50 litre Waeco fridge and power it from the car or we take our 5 day cooler box.
• No flyscreen door, although there is a small flyscreen inset in the door. We use plastic streamers in the doorway.
• Need to look for a relatively flat camping area or timber packing pieces are needed for leveling the floor.


In my opinion the Cub Camper Trailer is good “value for money”. It’s light, easy to tow and it’s quick to erect and pack up. Although our Cub is not an “Off Road Type” we have towed it over dirt roads without any problems.

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Thanks to Kevin Davis for the thoughts on their Cub Camper Trailer

 February 2010