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Killalea State Park weekend meet



Killalea State Park - The Clayton's Meet

held on the weekend of Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th of November 2006


     “We’re going camping”, we decided – why let a (not so) measly bushfire ruin a planned weekend away? So evolved the meet you have when you’re not having a meet!

     Killalea State Park is just south of The City of Shellharbour near Kiama on the NSW South Coast – some locals call it “The Farm”. We were here because the planned meet for Burralow Swamp in The Blue Mountains National Park had to be called off due to bush fires in the area. Finding the place was interesting. New housing development means you pass through a brand new estate to get to Killalea - a sore point with staff, it seems, who have to issue very detailed directions. But once into the park, you’re a million miles from care!

     Six trailers attended what turned out to be a most enjoyable weekend. Good facilities abounded, including a camp kitchen with electric barbeques, essential in the total fire ban conditions. Killalea is widely used as a day visit facility but the camping area is well laid out with around fifty clearly-designated sites in close proximity to the amenities. There were quite a few other campers – surfing seems to be the dominant activity for the numbers of young tent campers present.

     The beach is just a short walk away with a longer pleasant walk along the beach to the Minnamurra River mouth. Other walking or bike-riding opportunities are all over the park including wetland, beach and headland areas. Certainly a well worthwhile destination for a smaller campertrailers group.

     Barb and I were joined by Mike & Christine, David & Joy, Kevin & Carolyn (Kev remembered the camper keys this time!), Paul & Rachel with Alec & Thomas and Alan & Brenda with Anthony & Kayla. A variety of activities were pursued, notably the beach. Paul & Rachel indulged in a bit of retail therapy in Shellharbour and returned with a pile of seafood! We all did the usual round of mods inspections. Some delighted in the Aussie progress vs. the Poms in the first cricket test, while Mike picked the pebbles out of the tread on his brand new Coopers :-)

     A collective gourmet feast came off the BBQs on Saturday evening, jollied along with plenty of liquid refreshment! There was even an apparent UFO in the vicinity – evident only after seeing the pictures from the meet ;-))) ?

     Barb & I stayed an extra night and by Sunday evening, we had the whole place to ourselves which seemed almost eerie, after the weekend’s festivities.

     Definitely better than staying home!









words & photos by Geoff Lane



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