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 laptop 12volt power supply






laptop 12volt power supply


handy for the laptop

    If you want to keep it simple & all 12volt without using an inverter to power your laptop from 240volts while on the road, there are a number of power supplies around that will do the job.

    We purchased a Auto Laptop Power Supply by Power Tech Plus from Jamie of Dynamic Solar Solutions during the national meet at Nyngan last October. This unit measures only 115 x 60 x 35mm (L x W x H) & can be stored in the glovebox or the camper trailer.

    The feature of the laptop power supply is the output voltage can be set to match that of the laptop. The selectable voltage is 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22 or 24.  On top of that there are included eight different plug adaptors to fit most popular models of laptops.

    Just check the underneath of the laptop & it will tell you what voltage to set the supply. When you plug the cigarette lighter in, a green light will come on to let you know there is power.

    It comes with a 15amp fuse built into the cigarette lighter plug & 1.500 metre lead.


12V DC 14.5 amp max
output 15/16V DC 8.5 amps
  18/19V DC 8 amps 
  20V DC 7.5 amps
  22V DC 6.5 amps
  24V DC 6 amps 150 Max


 february 2010