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Lostock Dam weekend


lostock dam weekend
near gresford nsw


Crikey what a great weekend we had. Lots of laughs and some rain, but we sure did have our usual fun. We had 27 trailers of all makes shapes and sizes and one tent. Do caravans count as trailers? Not sure on that will have to consult the expert Rob on that technicality.


It was so good to see that Joy and David were able to make it. Great to see Joy back in form.

We welcomed new members John and Julie into the group. There was a remark that I resembled Dame Judi Dench. I have heard that one before.

Rob got a spotters fee with his usual smile and friendly way he brought John and Joanne into the melee. I believe they have joined our mad group.

George introduced Ann to us and she was also made to feel at home.

We all now know Barb did not buy a jeep she bought a tent. Alas it just happened to be green and a very bright green at that. When it came time to get it out of the wrapping, lots of interested men appeared, however, all disappeared when it came time to erect it. Only had Scruffy and Barry as stayers. Well done boys.

Our wonderful happy hour was a hoot, with a lot of hecklers in the background we did have a lot of fun with that competition. Wow, what a great job Jenny P did with that cup cake birthday cake. We celebrated Robyn and Donnaís birthdays in what can only be described as in style. Thanks Jenny.

Phil brought his tinnie, and went fishing a couple of times. Firstly he and Craig went out, but did not get even a bite. Next he took Tyson out, once again no bites, however, I did hear that Phil fell overboard. Tyson could not help much he was laughing too hard. I donít know if you noticed Phil, there is a sign at the top of the ramp that does state no swimming. Blue green algae lurks there.

Louise managed to get video of a pair of platypus or should that be platypuses? Her very first sighting as well. Lucky girl. I am still not sure they really are in that river. But I am a believer so to speak.

We were not there, (although I wish we had been), Rob & Carol took Keith and Craig on a little sojourn prior to Lostock. It did rain and Craig had a little slip coming down the hill. The new A van got a tad muddy, Craig told that story very well. He has also posted some great pictures.

Since our return there has been some great banter on Facebook which has been fun to read. We do enjoy reading all of those puns and posts, keeps us interested.

Once again our thanks go to David and Janet who supplied us with the usual load of wood. It sure was needed. And I can tell you it was much appreciated.


Until next year keep on camping, Barry and Margie



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