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Lostock Dam weekend


lostock dam weekend
near gresford nsw

Wow, what a meet. Had such a great turn out 28 in all, included 2 tents. Ed and Donna showed off their new ‘camper’, an improvement on the soft floor they had used for 11 years. So cosy we hardly saw them, snuggled up out of the weather.

We did welcome newcomers Jim and Maree Wade. Also Nigel, although he had been to Old Barra prior it was good to meet him, (dang he is fit), shame Chris could not attend had girl flu and we girls know about that, much worse than man flu that Jason was getting over.

How good was it to see Lindsay & Robyn from Queensland at the meet, they were on their way down to Melbourne to help celebrate the 1st birthday of their granddaughter.

We did have a couple of wonderful sunny days, however, on Saturday night it started to rain and rain it did. Sunday saw some very wet pack ups, Monday was no better.

A few tough souls stayed until Tuesday; however, I believe it was no better in fact worse than the day before, I can only assume they had wet pack up as well.

One thing that was spectacular was the dam wall spill. That was really beautiful. There are lots of great photographs on the website. Rob got the usual super shot of the platypus. He has the patience of a saint when it comes to waiting for that right shot.

Just prior to Happy Hour we had a demonstration of “Peggy Pegs” by Peter quite impressive, he offered a 10% discount and I am sure if you are a member of the group that still stands.

Rob paid tribute to Neil Morton and Barry wished Elaine a speedy recovery.

For Happy Hour we had a competition which was won by Leisa and James with 14 answers out of the 16 questions, quite impressive. Of course Craig Quinn got the smart ass prize with the answer to “........we get you....” His reply was Simplicity Funerals, clever Craig, just clever. Of course the answer should have been YOUI.

One thing as the organiser of this competition I will have to go learn my English much more proper. The question was “how many proper nouns in the phonetic alphabet”? Thankfully I did have the last say. I said 8. I now know it JUST may be a tad different.

Much chatter around the campfire. One thing that was discussed was music, and, I did tell a couple about an 8 yr old girl. Her name is Angelina Jordan, check her out on Youtube. Simply brilliant. Kim you will enjoy it.

The wet night of Saturday was a blessing in disguise, with the large undercover area that is available to us everyone got together, with Craig and his great fire pit, worked a treat.

As usual David supplied his generous heap of firewood, which is always appreciated.

The Lostock caravan park has been sold. To David and Janet, we do wish you well in the future.

Cheers everyone, hope to see you all next meet.

Barry & Margie




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