Past Events

Lostock Dam weekend


lostock dam weekend
near gresford nsw

on the weekend of Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th of August 2017

So great to see all the happy faces of friends, they left with happy faces as well.  That is always a good sign.

 We were surprised by a visit from Ken and Renee who have been travelling around and were on their way home.  As were Rob and Diane from QLD.  They just happened to contact John and Penny Heath and decided to drop in.  Was really nice.

 We welcomed a couple of new campers to the group, I can only hope they were not put off by some of the campfire stories.

 It was a shame that some others could not join us for one reason or another.

 On Saturday our happy hour was a happy event.  The quiz went well (once the Quizmaster got her act together).  Jan was the winner with 16 correct answers next came Donna and then Barb Mc. Jan was happy to grab the white wine with Donna left with the red (here Ed a Fatherís day present for you, she was heard to say). 

It is here I must thank Mark host of Lostock for the A. Stubby holders and a Tee shirt.  B. The good supply of wood.  It is always a help to us, we so love our campfires.

We didnít for once have rain, however, there was a fair amount of wind in and around the camp.  How much of that was inside I donít know!  (Donít go there Margie).

 Hope to see you same time next year


Barry & Margie