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Lostock Dam weekend


lostock dam weekend
near gresford nsw

on the weekend of Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th August 2018

WOW, what a great meet once again at Lostock. This was our sixth meet, we always have a great time no matter what the weather. This year was dry, like the rest of the Country, however, it was quite windy. We had a very strong gust go thru on Sunday, sent chairs and awnings flying, plus lots other things all over the place. Thankfully there was no real damage.

We once again had a quiz with Carol Sanderson being our very excited winner, with Diane Griffin a close second. Jenny Peisley declared that was the hardest quiz yet. She did label me a mean and evil woman. Thanks Jenny I take that as a compliment. Working on next year’s quiz already.

We did welcome some new members to the Campertrailers group, Alan and Sharon from Medowie also Liz and Steve who came with some old friends. I also note that it was the first time at Lostock for Jenny McCarron and Sean McCombe with his new pride and joy a Jayco (do you have a name for it yet Sean)?.

Mark (owner of Lostock ) we thank you so much for your kind donation of wood for the essential fires. He also donated gifts for prizes to our quiz.

How was the trip for our travellers? Sue, Jason, Craig, Suzie, Mal and Ros, Carol and Keith who came from the Big Red Bash which they declared was a huge success. Must declare you guys as having travelled the furthest.

I understand that Rob once again captured a platypus on film. Do you call it film these days? I am still not sure that platypus exist in that darn river.

I must say we had a most relaxing time and we hope everyone else did too. It is so good to catch up with friends.

Same time next year.

Barry and Margie



photos barry >>>>