Past Events

Lostock Dam weekend


lostock dam weekend
near gresford nsw

on the weekend of Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August 2022

Wow, what a meet. Nineteen trailer/caravans in all. Fantastic to see all the happy faces. Some new some we have known for ages.

The weather was just beautiful, lovely sunny days and chilly nights, perfect for a campfire and rug up for a warm snug sleep. There was the usual banter around the camp both day and night, why does that not surprise me. Mind you there were some really nice conversations.

A pair of Tawny Frogmouths were spotted, my favourite bird, wise old things, they knew there was too much noise so left next day. There was also an echidna spotted. Lostock has such an array of beautiful fauna. Funny thing I’ve never seen a kangaroo. Wonder why.

Barry and Margie along with Anita and John were the first to arrive on the Thursday; we had a really lovely quite night chatting till late. It was a nice catch up.

A few folk drove past us, not realising we were not camping in the Ulti, we were in fact in our new caravan, Tess our Viscount was on show. Lots of ohs’ and ahs’ thank you we think so.

The happy hour went well, once again lots of laughter. The quiz! I was accused from being evil to educational, I take both as compliments. My hope is that is if you do happen to go to one of the places mentioned; you might pause awhile and think about the meaning of that town. Or indeed you may now think about new towns in a different way. From the feedback I received it was enjoyable and lead to much discussion around the campfire. That is the aim.

I must say it would be super nice if we did get more campertrailers to a meet, taking into consideration the number being sold every day.

Barry advised campers of the ill health of Lee Featherstone, there was a card available for well wishes. Come on Lee, there is a lot more camping for you to do, so get well soon.

Cheers everyone, hope to see you all next meet Walcha here we come.

Barry & Margie