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  Lostock Dam weekend

lostock dam

Saturday 24th to Sunday 25th August, 2013

Our weekend at Lostock Dam, this is a smallish dam on the Paterson River, it is approximately one hour from Maitland via Gresford and Paterson, coming from Sydney of course. As Barry and I had never been to this area before we were pleasantly surprised. It is lovely.

Wow and what a weekend it was, saw platypus in the river. Lostock threw everything at us, wind, sun and friendship. Thank heavens there was no rain. We did need the camp fires it was a bit chilly, we do thank David Hooper owner of the Lostock Dam Caravan Park for the trailer load of wood it sure helped.

Barry & Margaret, Rob and Carol arrived on Wednesday, funny who you meet on the road in, except Rob and Carol were going the wrong way. Barry sorted that out. Big chuckles all round.

The road in is very twisty. Having said that, the big caravan got in without problems, Anne and Geoff, who are friends of George and Wendy. Mind you my knuckles were quite white. I did try to hang on to the knitting needles so Barry would not notice how nervous I was. Did it work? I think not. He knows me too well.

We welcomed some new faces, Peter and Carol from Revesby, Vince who hails from Port Macquarie with Charlee, what a well behaved dog she is. Also a big welcome to Basil and Linda.

We had a surprise drop in with friends of Mick & Narelle, namely Peter and Carole. Mick & Narelle’s son Scott stayed a night. “Old Mate” (Phil) could not make it. Did the old back in whilst packing the car. Ouch. Missed you Phil and the dogs.

The guessing competition went well. With three people getting three answers right. I did like Jill’s answers. Every bad thing that may have happened she named George and everything to do with any other misdemeanour she named Barry & Margaret. Well she did get two right. And nobody except the two who had ordered a new camper, being David and Joy got that right. Did I mention we saw a platypus?

It should be said that the wild life in this area is amazing. The bird life is super ranging from King parrots to little brown tits. There were red browed finches, they were so pretty. We had lots of kookaburra, rosella, satin bower birds. One bird I had never seen before, which sent Rob scurrying to his bird book, turned out that it was a grey shrike thrush, he has a very loud whistle especially in the ladies toilet and one is in the shower. Ear piercing I say. I think he liked the sound of his own voice.

Did I mention that platypus were seen and photographed for evidence? Several people stalked the poor creature but few got good photos, except patient Rob, waited for quite a while for that photo. Some of our campers did not even see them. Take heart they are very shy.

You know a camp is not a camp without friends and that is what made it a great camp, thanks everyone. We were asked if it could be made an annual event. Sounds good to us. Did I mention that we saw a platypus?

Barry and Margaret




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