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 Lostock Dam weekend

lostock dam

Saturday 20th to Sunday 21st August, 2016

Well the Lostock Dam weekend has come and gone.

What a great weekend we had, lots of laughter and goings on. We had 25 trailers including a tent and several caravan/crossover style units which are very popular. Jason and Sue had their hands full conducting tours of their new van. If you are thinking of buying, come along to a weekend meet, better than the camping show you talk to the owners and find out any little tricks or faults. Kevin Phillips who did show a bit later with his new (in his words an Expedition unit) a BT50 & Rhino Slide-on, very impressive.

We originally had over thirty names to come along, however, for various reasons not all could attend (hope the kitchen is going well Ed). We arrived on Thursday around lunch time to be greeted by Rob and Carol, Beery and Anita with the Cox’s and Browns a little later. We welcomed newcomers Robert & Leanne, Chris & Lee, Judy & Alan, Grant & Christine, Graeme & Wendy, David & Lynn.

The weather was terrific, great sunshine which lasted nearly all weekend. Did I mention wind?

Saturday’s happy hour. Margie’s quiz was an hilarious affair in which you required to name the collective nouns for groups of animals even campers, now I’m not saying any of our group are animals. We did get some wonderful answers with points being awarded for inventive answers and there were a few i.e. for Crocodiles nice handbag and shoes was really not quite right, a bask would have been better. Ravens were a very noisy bunch. For Campers the usual Grey Nomads, camp fibbers, good drinkers were just some. The new owner of Lostock, Mark donated a Tee shirt and stubby holder for a prize to go along with the wine and chocolates that we had supplied, lots of fun and a table full of yummy nibbles (We did not eat dinner that night).

Carol had a “Get Well Card” for Joy Wilkinson and everybody expressed their wishes for a speedy recovery, we missed David and Joy at the meet though Joy’s sister Jan Langfield took a quiz sheet along for her to complete when she visited her in hospital, so she did not feel left out .

Carol and Louise managed to snap a picture of a Platypus, I do hope they go on the site. Rob had been on duty all weekend with his camera snapping bird pictures and he got some beauties. Lostock has many species of birds and is such a beautiful place.

Sunday saw some people leave with most staying till Monday and experience a dry pack up even though rain was coming in the afternoon. Rob and Carol stayed until Tuesday they had a damp pack up.

All up I think we had a great weekend. Even the newbie’s pledged to attend again.

Margie and I would like to thank all for attending and entering into the spirit of the weekend. We would also like to thank the Lostock Caravan Park for supplying some wood for us.

See you in Ganmain.

Barry & Margaret Pierce 




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