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Mike's LED light






     We needed a decent exterior light over the kitchen of our Track Tvan & a LED light seems to be the most efficient using less power than other 12 volt lighting.

    I sourced a 48 super-bright LED light that has its own switch but unfortunately is not waterproof. The LED's are comparatively new and come in white or grey. A waterproof version is apparently on the way but not available in Oz at the moment.

    I mounted the light inside a tupperware type container to make it waterproof &  made a holder based on plastic tubing and a piece of an old tent pole that has the screw tightener.

    The light assembly simply slots onto a small piece of tube screwed to the side of the Tvan.

    The tent pole screw allows the light to be moved to any angle and the assembly can swing through 180 degrees to enable the light to be used over the kitchen or as a general camp light.

    The LED gives an amazing light for very little power consumption, drawing only 0.2 amps. When you are ready to move on the lead and plug fit into the container and the lid goes back on.

    The LED's are available from Ian at Dreamtime Campers at $100 each or Barrie Autoelectrics in Hornsby about $110 RRP. Contact Perry Robinson on (02) 9476 6277


thanks to Mike for sharing this idea.




     Continuing on with the LED light project Mike has now made a clamp assembly which allows the light to be fixed in a multitude of places.

     The clamp unit is based on a $5 dollar clamp and a bit of tent pole. You just need to remove the wing nut and bolt, turn the rod support through 180 degrees and bolt it back up.

The LED assembly just slots on top as with the trailer fitting. Its meant for use with a table but could be clamped anywhere.


thanks to Mike for sharing this idea.