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Minlaton weekend meet



South Australian members weekend meet


held from Friday 8th till Monday 11th August 2008


    We arrived Thursday morning, set up and spent the day roaming the town of Minlaton, which is in the middle of the York Peninsula, South Australia. Friday morning we headed south to the Innes National Park and spending most the day exploring the beaches and sites including many shipwrecks, before we knew it, it was 2pm so we headed back to Minlaton. Sue arrived with her son Jack and his mate Harrison, around 4:30pm, they had a very quick setup when hubby Matt turned up (he's a farmer). The evening has us all chatting in our camper trailer, an early night was had by all.

    Next day was Saturday, we woke to blue sky and hoped it was the last of the rain, Rick rang to see how things were and I said it looked great Rick (RainMan cause every meet it rains) & Cindy arrived about 1pm and it poured, the park turned into a flood zone,Rick left his camper and went for a drive till the weather broke. Returning they found a spot and setup. Rick (RainMan) showed off his RainMan Camp Oven made from an old 9kg gas cylinder which he cooked a roast in for that evening. Rosie made a pumpkin damper for afternoon tea, while Rick set up a camp fire, which all apreciated very much.

    A group of us went out to the local footy club for dinner, on returning we found Rick & Cindy cooking over the campfire, Rick telling us how much they enjoyed the roasted meat. The evening saw us all around the campfire....roasting mashmellows and consuming bottles of wine etc. Show and Tell had many great ideas, such as Rosies toilet bag, Sues paper-mache cupboard draw, Rick had lots of things to show including his hot water portable shower,
it was close to midnight before all were in bed.

    Sunday saw Rick & Cindy pack up and head off just before lunch. In the afternoon Matt and Sue jumped in our car and showed us some local beaches...Port Rickaby, Parsons Beach and the Bluff Beach. After that we were invited to visit their farm, on arrival we spend some time chasing sheep that got through some fencing. The evening was spend looking at some camping photos taken on CamperTrailers Group weekend meets and off to bed.

    Monday we woke to blue skys again and it was time to pack up and say our goodbyes and head home.

   This was our first time hosting a CamperTrailers Group weekend meet. It was only a small gathering, but was great to meet those that attended, sharing experiences and knowledge

    Thank you all

                            Dave & Rosie



Dave & Rosie - CampRanger

Sue & Matt & Jack - Jayco Swan

Rick(RainMan) & Cindy - on road Campomatic



















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