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 Myall River weekend

myall river weekend

Saturday 7th  to Sunday 8th February, 2015

The Myall River Camp Meet was held over the weekend of 7th and 8th of February 2015, however some campers arrived on the Wednesday and some departed on the following Tuesday taking advantage of the excellent weather conditions . In all a total of 37 camper trailers, caravans, and exotics attended.

The weekend allowed participants to enjoy the Hawks Nest - Tea Gardens area with many taking trips into town and up into the Myall lakes National Park. Each evening almost all participated in the 5o’clock happy hour on the river bank under a large awning that had been set up. Some campers apparently were not aware of times and this happy hour started early and finished well into the evening sitting around a large campfire that seemed to be on from early afternoon till LATE at night each day.

On Saturday morning a forum on beach driving was conducted which was well attended with many experts having a say, giving all attending plenty to think about. On the Saturday afternoon five cars took advantage of recently acquired knowledge and headed over to the beach. We quickly came upon a vehicle totally bogged (or temperorarly stationary) which Beery had organised for a practical demonstration on how to get out of soft sand. All were extremely impressed with how letting the right amount of air out of tyres can help considerably in this situation. A drive up to Little Gibber on the sand was enjoyed by all. All cars then made their way back to the Lemon Tree exit and comfortably got off the beach. Certificates of completion of sand driving are available from Beery at a cost of $50.

Saturday night the traditional Bar-b-Que Dinner was held on the waterfront where cooking over a fire took place. (no gas cooking allowed). A great night was held by all with the woman to be complimented for the nibbles and salads that they provided and thanks to those that brought wood.

A few members took advantage of the supreme fishing conditions over the weekend with Mr 12 Volt (Rob) even been seen to plot into his GPS Beerys favourite Hot Spots. Terry Agland was awarded the trophy for his large flounder that he caught when he was the only one on the beach at the time.

Thanks to all those that attended - that is what makes a successful weekend! The renewing of old friendships and the making of new ones is the real name of the game. Also thanks to those who have provided photos and the facebook gossip that I have been told about, (if only I could use it ).

Beery and Anita


from rob


video clip from Carolyn