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 Myall River Camp weekend

myall river camp weekend
Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th February 2016

The first Australian CamperTrailers Group weekend in February saw 35 camper trailers and their owners descend on the Myall River Camp for the 3rd year running. Together with several friends attending, a very social time was had by all. Some members arrived as early as the Wednesday and several stayed on for a number of days after the camp had ended. Many attended as first timers to the River Camp and were impressed with the site overall.

Some members took drives to Hawks Nest and also up to the Myall Lakes National Park over the weekend and a few displayed their fishing skills in front of the camp site with Doug Peisley capturing a big audience with his struggle with a large sting ray that lasted over half an hour.

Three cars took to the beach on the Saturday with a ranger of the park following us to the Gibber. Fortunately all had a beach licence and the ranger was very informative regarding an old Aboriginal site over the headland..

Saturday night featured the true Aussie Bar-b-que cooking over the open fire. Nearly all attended with most getting into the “beach theme“. Overall John Eller was the outstanding male dresser with a beautiful matching attire from Vinnies. John says the girl at the counter was astounded that he could pick up two items that were completely mismatched and intend to wear them at the same time. Jenny Peisley and Karen Wray were stunning in their pink Flamingo ensembles that were inspired by an alternate group that were camping at the same time.

Anita and I would like to thank all those for attending especially those attending their first meet and hope to see you next year. We would also like to thank Henry and Elaine for being so helpful and allowing us to use a prime block for our recreational area which was appreciated by all. The evening on the Wednesday night and also on the Saturday night was unbelievable with the sunset and reflections worth the trip by themselves.

Thank you once again for attending.

Beery and Anita



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