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Neurum Creek weekend meet



Neurum Creek weekend

SE Qld members meet near Woodford

held on the weekend of 16th Saturday to 17th Sunday of  June 2007


   Early forecast in the week was for rain Friday and Saturday – was Neurum going to live up to the last wet gathering there some two years ago?

   Carol and I arrived near dusk on Friday evening after an unplanned quick scenic tour of the camping grounds – missed that turn………

   Already there was the hosts Cathi and Noel sitting around the fire enjoying the company of some of the other earlier arrivals:
Newbies Diane and Chris
Rachel, Rod and Eliza
Another newby – Peter (mate of Rods)
Some more newbies - Glen, Andrea and Sam (+Poppy)
Helen and Peter

   Noel quickly had us sighted and before long he was busy again as others arrived (plus a few false alarms where campers not of the group were searching for a spot).
Rob, Diane and Jordan
Penny and John
We’re all set up.
Kath and Alan slipped in somewhere here after having arrived the day before but having to attend to some family business back home.

   Most settled in around the fire after getting a bite to eat. A few ales and wines, lots of talk on a few topics – 12volts, generators, the little half hour walk up the hill near the ablutions and the big upcoming Kimberley trip for Noel, Cathi, Chris and Diane.

   It had cooled off somewhat and the fire needed constant attention – Chris seemed to get this job for some reason. The fire started to die down as the firewood dwindled (next time I won’t forget the wood) and most retired for the night. However, when you can’t get hot from the outside………….try a little bear ….rum, rum and more urm..mur..umr… J L

   After a cool night a few early birds were out – must be preparing for the big trip – the fire they had going appreciated by a few later risers, the even later risers missing out though. A fairly slow morning to start with Kate and Paul (with new CT) and another newby – Tim (mate of Rods) arriving while some were still breakfasting. A little gas jet workshop whiled away the time.

   Morning tea came around quickly and Cathi had promised to supply the goodies. We were not disappointed and a lovely cake was enjoyed by all. Noel also had a crate full of mandarins and lemons for those not able to enjoy the other pleasure. Lots of talk – especially on the little walk up “the Hill” – Rob encouraged us all to come. 6:30pm decided as the time for our combined dinner.

   Food settled and the walk up “the Hill” was on for some………Rob led the way (lambs to the slaughter hehe thought he). Others checked out the creek.
We went by the ablutions and the ground was _____________
We went up to the other campsites and the ground was /////////////////////
Time for a rest and the ground was ////////////////
Time for another rest and /////////////////////
And finally for the not so nimble and Jordan we turned around when the going was lllllllllllllllllll but not before we took in the magnificent views. Well worth it.
For the mountain goats that got to the top (of the first hill anyway) well done.
Needless to say the going down was quicker then the going up. It was quiet around lunchtime from a few of us – those that had enjoyed the creek walk seemed to have fared better.

   Our return to camp was heralded by the clash of Diane’s knitting needles and it must be some ritualistic CT meet thingy I had not witnessed before – before long she was joined by others and those that didn’t knit sat there and watched and talked.
However, not to be outdone, us blokes sat around and had a few ales and discussed the latest marvellous LED inventions. A few slipped away here and there to prepare for the banquet…smorgasbord…dinner.

   Before long it was happy hour and after some jostling for prime position around the fireplace (well done Peter – two nights in a row) Chris again had to perform the fire starting ceremony. For some reason others would not get up to assist……..
A few nibblies…..a few ales…..young Sam marching off for a much needed shower – closely followed by Andrea to make sure he got there…..someone trying to get dinner bought forward to 5:30pm…no make that 6:00pm.. oooohhhh alright 06:30pm………….Cathi better make sure you have some snacks for those first few long days to the Kimberleys.

   Let the feast begin….prawns….a sweet and hot curry…chicken wings of several kinds…roast beef…. +more… +more… +more
I think we were all slowed down by this and there was not much movement around the place.
Put another log on the fire………can’t lose my place – just throw it from here. Chris – fix the fire please – well done.
Lots more talk – trips, experiences the fire getting lower………lower…….(PS – don’t forget the firewood.). Not too many late stayers – opting for a warm bed rather than the fuzzy head.

   Another morning of early risers – get to the showers whilst they are still hot….
And some late risers……must get the nanny naps in. Tim walking to the top of “the HILL”
Visitors Anne and Bruce from Nanango arrive bright and early and catch most of us unawares. Already having a CT they came to see what we are about and also shared with us some of their experiences. Hope we didn’t scare them away with our antics.
Unusual happening here - we managed another combined mornos – where did all that food come from – where do the prawns keep coming from? Rod, Peter and Tim enlightening us to the inner workings of the RACQ and some 4x4 trips. Anne and Bruce on the finer arts of boating up north.

   All too soon it was time to start departing and gradually the numbers dwindled. See you all next time. Kath and Alan left to peace for another nights stay…..someone has to make the world go round.

   Some finer points sent in:

John and Pennys curry Yummy and still burning
Dianes knitting circle getting larger
Glen and Andrea and Sam new members that fit right in.
Peter the magic jet cleaner ,Helen in her stripes
Rod and Rachael enlarging our group with two nice blokes Peter and Tim
Of course our youngest member was such a good girl
Chris and Di for scaling the heights and reaching the pinnacle
Bruce and Anne looking forward to having them stay with us longer
Carol for dressing up for the occasion in her Moooody PJ's
Alan our whiz man may need to let Kath light the heater from now on
The bedtime story
Cathi all rugged up with the flu looking very sheik
Kath all rugged up looking very sheik
Sam covered in mud .. and the long walk to the showers
Rob’s smirk after the walk up “the Hill”
Peter holding off all comers (especially Noel) to the best seat at the fire
The thought of Noel, Cathi, Chris and Dianne sharing one vehicle
The thought of Noel and Chris sharing……….
The experiences shared by some of the well travelled newbies
Trying to keep the fire going by burning beer cans
The killer dog
Rick forgetting the firewood
The cold showers late Saturday morning
The gas jet workshop
Noel/Cathi warming their CT
Hearing Helen searching for water in the early hours – no fire from the bedwarmers in the CT next door – just dry throat - OK back to sleep

    And to some of those missing in action……….
Gus and Jill – Carol only wore the PJs to outdo you
Robyn and Lindsay – the cake was good but missed the coal baked flavour
Margaret – still waiting on your cake – send one to the Kimberleys as I am sure Noel will find it.
Rex and Anne – there wasn’t enough gadgets.
Turtle – more kids needed and another stayer at the fire

    Thanks to the hosts Cathi and Noel we had a great time – you will be missed at the next meet at Spring Gully. Hoping the newbies found what they wanted and hope to see you again.


Rick & Carol



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