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 Newnes weekend

newnes weekend

Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th May, 2015

Wolgan Valley


Rob & Carol hosted another CamperTrailers members get together on the weekend of Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th May 2015 along the grassy river flat opposite the old pub, known as the Newnes Historic Wilderness Retreat at Newnes near Lithgow NSW. There was room for around twenty-five to thirty comfortably spaced campsites without it being too caravan park like. Members had travelled from Wollongong, Orange, Bathurst & Newcastle for the weekend.


Early arrivals were treated to a frosty start on the Friday morning which soon warmed to a beautiful sunny autumn day. While it was cool after sunset over the weekend, the campfires kept everyone warm thanks to those who bought firewood especially Trev who came for the day to deliver a ute load. 


While some members took the opportunity to explore the remains of the old shale oil works not too far from camp, others journeyed to the 'glow worm tunnel' which is an abandoned rail tunnel used to transport the processed shale oil. There was also plenty of sitting around in the sun & catching up with old friends or meeting new ones.

Rob & Carol



thanks to Carolyn for the video