Past Events

Easter at Old Bara 16


easter at old bara 16
near mudgee nsw

camper trailers spread out in the paddock at Old Bara


Rob & Carol hosted a members get together at Old Bara over Easter with over forty camper trailers attending. Old Bara is a 1100 acre property running 100% grass feed beef near Mudgee NSW which is owned by Richard & Sally Nagel.


The weather was perfect with warm sunny days, while the nights dropped to single figures making a pleasant time around the evenings campfires. Members arrived from far a field as Tenterfield, Wollongong, Orange & Dubbo to attend the get together & set up their camper trailers for a relaxing weekend on the large grassed paddock not too far from the new longdrops Richard had constructed.


It is nice to meet members face to face who are attending their first weekend with the group & also pleasing to see how at ease they feel with everyone around the campfire. Of course the campfire is the social hub of the campsite & with such a large number of people, there were several fires.


On Saturday morning Rob & Carol led a trip to Hands on Rock & also The Drip via a few back roads. Hands on Rock is a sandstone overhang with many ancient Aboriginal stenciled hand prints on the back wall. A two kilometre return walk along the bank of the Goulburn River leads to The Drip, a towering sandstone cliff face dripping clear spring water. The walk is enchanting as you pass sandstone caves, pergoda formations & through an arch. After lunch in the carpark everyone went different directions back to camp.


We chose to head to Gulgong & had a look at the restoration work that has been carried out on the two Holtermann Museum buildings. During our auction night at the national meet last September we raised money towards this project. The two buildings were looking fantastic.


Some decided to drive into nearby Rylestone & Mudgee for the Saturday morning markets.


Most departed on the Monday with the final few on Tuesday.


Rob & Carol