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opening the tailgate





opening the tailgate


the problem

   After we picked up our new Paramount Camper Trailer three years ago we found when opening the full width rear door of our Toyota Prado it fouled on both the Trigg coupling connecting pin and the brake handle. The people at Paramount were quick to sort it out.

the fix

    The guys at the factory drilled an additional hole in the pin and cut a 25mm long washer from metal tube. When fitted, the washer acts to pull the top of the pin below the arc of the opening Prado door.

    As for the brake handle, we just cut it off, bashed another length of tubing flat and welded it on to the now loose handle. This part now fits over the stub enabling us to engage the hand brake. When on the road, we simply pull the handle off and this allows us access through the back door of the Prado. The door cannot open fully because of the stone deflector and the spare wheel, but we can get to the fridge and other gear in the back without too much trouble.



adding the brake handle

brake handle in position



standard Trigg pin height

lower height with sleeve

 thanks to Tony Roy for sharing this idea


may 2009