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 pat & deb's
 cub project

Twelve months ago we sold our 21 foot Jayco van because it spent all the time on the driveway and none on the road. I decided I would look around for a 'project' and as we had really enjoyed an old popup camper, we purchased a 1988 Cub popup. It was a fair buy for two grand, had six months rego and the canvas was about 50/50. New canvas was a little pricy at present so I will put the old stuff back on after getting the windows repaired.

The canvas was originally stapled to the roof, but I have decided to sail track it on. That should happen next week with Deb's help. The frame had dropped a little on one corner where 'rust never sleeps' had set in. I replaced an outer chassis rail but didn't have the equipment to lift that corner back to its original location. It was a two handed job and plenty of grunt to raise the roof because the flexible rod on that corner is rubbing hard on the guide. That is a job in the future! So I installed a 12volt boat winch I sourced on the internet. It is as noisy as buggery because it has straight cut gears. Ah well, no late arrivals where there are other campers I guess.

The chassis is ok, but I have strengthened the draw bar and later on I will replace the chassis with something a little more substantial. All it needs now is to replace that canvas and fit up a 120 amp hour AGM battery. All cooking will be done outside as that is how we prefer it, so all interior cupboards, stove and sink were stripped out and a camp kitchen constructed and fitted. Still working on the support legs for this.

1988 cub camper as bought roof up - back bunk not extended interior view
interior strip out back to the frame overrider discs need repair
new slideout kitchen slideout kitchen with legs new roof lining
rubbing back the roof wet & dry paint preping spying the body
primed ready for top coat top coated alko dropdown legs
windup rods leaf over conversion new vinyl flooring
checker plate added checker plate kitchen slide fire extinguisher
canvas back on looking good rewaterproofing the canvas
kitchen support legs trailer boat teflon skids kitchen packed & ready to go

thanks to Patrick Cummins for this article


november 2013