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 Percy's Place weekend

percy's place weekend
Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th October, 2017


Twenty-five enthusiasts in 13 campers made for a great weekend in what was mostly fantastic weather at the inaugural gathering at the Percys Place camp ground, near Pitt Town, on the north-west edge of Sydney, over the weekend of October 26 to 30, with hosts David and Jan Cook.

The numbers weren’t great – short notice just after the National meet found many with other obligations – but the numbers made for a good weekend where everyone could fit around the one fire and there was plenty of time to enjoy everyone’s company.

The venue provided great facilities – a pile of kindling, plenty of fireplaces and a scattering of tables and other usable gear, plus handy portable toilets and all the comforts of hot showers a couple of minutes’ drive away. The chosen location provided ample shade for the hotter hours, and the steady breeze kept temperatures to a comfortable level. Only one brief fall of rain overnight – even though accompanied by strong winds – on the Thursday night meant that the grass stayed green without being soggy.

The river was constantly busy with jet skis, ski boats and – on the Saturday evening and night – a canoe paddle race from Windsor downstream – so there was plenty to watch. A handful of hardy souls braved the water when it was hot, and others made the most of a huge mulberry tree nearby that was just dripping with fruit.

There were excursions to the markets in Richmond and Windsor and to other popular spots in this historic area, though for many the weekend was simply an excuse to put their feet up and chat.

There were a few “sillybilly” moments – Mal Currey driving back home (only 30 minutes away) to gather up his TV bits and pieces to make use of an offer from Jack Langfield to get it all working, and then forgetting to bring the remote, which was needed – and Jim Roche, who was enjoying his 60th birthday, ducking into his camper seconds before his surprise birthday cake made its appearance.

But the chief “sillybilly” award went to Jack and Jan Langfield. The pair travelled down from Tamworth in separate cars, as Jack was heading on to assist his father in some work around home after the weekend, while Jan headed back north. Jan left about 10 minutes before Jack was ready on the Sunday morning, only for Jack to discover that he couldn’t find his car keys. After dismantling his car he decided that they had to be in Jan’s car, but numerous messages and attempted phone calls brought no response. It wasn’t until later that afternoon that she got home and discovered the missed calls and messages on her phone, then found that she’d accidentally turned the ring tone off. She rang to find out what the problem was, and when told checked her purse and found the missing keys. So, without batting an eyelid she got back in her car and drove the five hours back to her sister’s (Joy Wilkinson) on the Central Coast and continued on on the Monday morning so Jack, who’d calmly added a day to his camping, could head off. Jan then turned around and drove home again.

All up it was a good weekend at a great venue on the very edge of Sydney, one that was new to all bar just a couple of those attending.

David and Jan Cook