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Handheld Rechargeable LED






Handheld Rechargeable LED

    Every now & then you come across something that stands out as a very useful item for camping. I recently came across one such item.

    This rechargeable 12 volt 60 LED handheld light is not only handy when camping, but would also be very useful around the house. Even after 4  hours use it still throws off a decent light.

    The light can be recharged by plugging it into the supplied 240 volt or 12 volt lead. Charging takes 6 hours. There is a small red LED to show the light is charging.

    The 240 volt adapter has a 1700mm long lead, while the 12 volt lead is 1400mm long &  ending with a fused cigarette lighter plug.

    The LED's throw the light into a large cental area which is great for walking in the dark.

    There is a waterproof on/ off  switch built into the handle. Just above the switch a moulded hexagon shape makes sure the light sits on a flat surface & does not roll off. At the top there is a handy swivelling hook.

    If the light is accidentally dropped & the plastic hook is broken, the top can be unscrewed & another hook made to suit.

    The rechargeable handheld 60 LED light is available from Dynamic Solar Solutions  for $69.

     It is a good idea to store the light fully charged.




switch & plug



written by Rob

 october 2007