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I had the chance to check out the new Redarc Smart Battery Monitor the other night with Newcastle Redarc rep Martin McInnes. The monitor uses Bluetooth 5.1 technology so you can look at your battery charge level on your smartphone using the RedVision app up to 42 metres away, not that you would really need to.

The heart of the monitor is a shunt & as usual one side is wired to the negative terminal of your battery while the other end of the shunt has all negative input & output cables connected. It can be wired into any existing 12volt battery type system using any brand of charger, including Redarc BCBC DC to DC range of battery chargers or wired via a canbus cable to a Redarc battery management system.

Martin told me it is the most accurate battery monitor on the market, up to five times more so than other similar monitors on the market. Once set up there is no need to synchronize again, something that I need to do regularly with the Enerdrive Elite canbus cabled monitor screen https://www.campertrailers.org/enerdrive_elite.htm

Best of all Redarc tech support is only a phone call away if you are a DIYer.

The Redarc Smart Battery Monitor is available on the market from today at $299. More information including the manual can be found at https://www.redarcelectronics.com/au/smart-battery-monitor

article by Rob


16th november 2023