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TowPro Elite
electric brake controller

The name Redarc is synonymous within the camping & recreational vehicle market for the high quality electronic products that are manufactured at their Adelaide facility. Research & development is ongoing with the company always on the lookout to improve & expand their range of reliable products.

The TowPro Elite is an update of the previous TowPro electric trailer brake controller which now features 'Active Calibration' to constantly monitor the vehicles direction of travel & confirms the units mounting orientation.

There is limited space available in the modern vehicle to mount a brake controller, especially within reach of the driver for finger tip trailer braking use on off road tracks. The small TowPro Elite's main control unit can be mounted in any position under the dash with only two small holes drilled into the dash facia or a blank switch for the control knob.

The unique feature of the TowPro Elite electric brake controller is it has both inertia and delay brake controller operations built into the one unit.

In automatic mode the controller is in inertia sensing mode, also known as pendulum style, and is best suited to on road and highway conditions. The TowPro Elite brake controller is enabled by the vehicles brake pedal switch while a pendulum circuit senses the vehicles stopping motion and applies a proportional voltage to the trailers brakes. This allows the trailer to decelerate at the same speed as the tow vehicle.

The user controlled operation of the TowPro Elite is solid state activated, also known as time delay, and allows the driver to set the level at which the trailer brakes are applied at a pre-determined braking rate. This can be a big advantage in some road conditions or off road situations.

Moving between the automatic and user controlled trailer braking modes is a simple procedure by applying the vehicles brakes & double clicking the knob & releasing the brake peddle. Emergency trailer braking is applied by pressing the dial.

The TowPro Elite is able to operate 12volt or 24volt electric & electric operated hydraulic trailer brakes.


Stuart Peddle tells us about the difference between inertia & time delay brake controller operations
thanks to Jamie at JTS for permission to use this video


Instillation is a very simple job for the 12volt DIYer with only four wires to hook up. Hardest part is working out where to bolt the controller body securely & more importantly where to drill the two holes for the remote control knob in the dash within arms reach of the drivers seat.


When the Elite is first installed it will begin learning its mounting orientation through the active calibration process even without a trailer connected. This can be done within about twenty brake applications. When complete the LED will be a solid blue indicating it is now operating in automatic mode.


 Steve Moore explains how to calibrate the TowPro

switching modes

After calibrating the Elite it will be in automatic mode which is best suited to on road towing duties, indicated by the blue LED. Changing modes is a simple process & can only be completed with the trailer connected.

First ensure the vehicle has come to a complete stop & set the knob to 0, apply the vehicle brakes, double click the knob & release the brakes. A green LED indicates the brake controller is in user controlled mode.

The braking level can be adjusted by adjusting the control knob on the remote head. It is recommended the middle point at level 5 should be used as a starting point & increased or decreased for the appropriate towing conditions, load etc.

manual override

In an emergency situation using automatic mode you can press the control knob which will apply the trailers brakes to a level equivalent to that of light vehicle braking. In user controlled mode the trailer brakes will be applied at the level set on the control knob. In both modes the braking force can be adjusted by turning the control knob either higher or lower, whilst applying the manual override brakes.


I recently upgraded to the TowPro Elite from the older Redarc EBRH with remote head which is a solid state or time delay electric brake controller only & immediately felt the difference in city & on road braking when towing our camper trailer using the automatic mode of the Elite. Trailer braking was a lot smoother & controlled in relation to the vehicle & camper trailer combination coming to a stop especially in city traffic.

Off road it was great to feel the positive reliable braking force I had been accustomed to with the previous Redarc EBRH.

For more details please visit the Redarc website


article by Rob



april 2016