Past Events

Remembering Andy weekend

south-east Queensland
Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th April 2023

After farewelling Andy late last year, it was decided at the time that we would have a Queensland group meet to honour him once the weather got a little cooler the following year. After a few phone calls back and forth with a couple of members from New South Wales to make certain dates were suitable for them we locked in Friday the 14 to Wednesday 19 at Atkinsons Dam scout camp, a venue that could cater for our group. We sincerely thank Michelle a scout group member who had booked the grounds for the week for leaving early on the Friday, allowing us to have the extended weekend.

We had a group of seventeen campers and two day visitors partake in the camp and also a few apologies as some members would certainly have come had they not been overseas or travelling at the time. It was good to have our New South Wales members, Rob and Carol, Keith and Carol and George who arrived late into the night after flying into Brisbane and hiring a camper van for the weekend. Glad he did not get lost and found the gates that we had decorated with fairy lights to guide the way in the dark.

Special welcome to Andy’s brother Chig and Kathryn and long time friends Stephen and Marie who camped with the group for the duration and the visit of Andy’s brother Bob and family for a day visit. It was certainly fantastic to have family come and join us and we all felt Andy’s presence around us.

Everyone gathered for morning tea on the Saturday to be introduced to each other and many stories were spoken about regarding our times and memories of Andy and this was repeated again in the afternoon to include Bob and his family. Carol Sanderson presented members with a homemade card to remember Andy and coming for the weekend, a very special keepsake.

Lots of conversations, laughter, banter was happening at all camp sites during the day, around the fires at night which made for a very relaxing camp time at Atkinsons Dam which was also great to camp at with water for a change, 87% full because last time we camped there it was 3%, a huge difference. I wonder what it will be in November as we have booked in for another meet from the 9 November.

Thank you to all.

Robyn and Lindsay


photos from Rob