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replacing that wheel



replacing that wheel


    You may find it a little difficult lifting the wheel back onto the hub under the guard of your camper trailer if you have a crook back or bad knees.

    A 10Rx15 tyre & steel rim combination weighs around 30 kgs & squatting down & lifting this weight at arms length can be difficult. Be careful you don't bust your poofle valve.

    There is an easy way..................


safe jacking

1 park the trailer on firm level ground.
2 block the trailer tires on the opposite side securely so that no forward or rearward movement is possible.
3 jack up the trailer following the manufacturers instructions.
4 secure the trailer on jack stands of adequate capacity front and rear.
5 undo the wheel nuts & remove the wheel.


getting the wheel back on

I have found it much easier to lift a wheel into position using a 'lifting helper'. Most use a wheel brace to do this, but anything close to hand like a stick, tent pole, axe, shovel etc will do the job. Here's what you do.

1 after placing the 'lifting helper' on the ground under the centre of the hub,
2 roll the wheel into position, slightly under so the top of the wheel leans out.
3 rotate the hub to align the studs with the holes in the rim.
4 holding one hand on top of the wheel, raise the end of the 'lifting helper' (which will be positioned next to your leg) & push the top of the wheel forward towards the hub.
5 the wheel should slip straight into position onto the wheel studs with little or no effort.

by Rob




and another easy way

    Another easy way to take wheels on & off - with almost zero lifting - is to jack up the vehicle so that the tyre is only just 'kissing' the ground. It can then readily be eased off the wheel studs without lifting.

    Put it back on the same way. If you get the height just right the wheel will simply slip over the studs.

    information supplied by Collyn Rivers.