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tips on reversing a camper trailer





simple technique
reversing a camper trailer

There comes a time after buying that camper trailer you will need to reverse it. This is where the fun begins. Try this simple technique.

Sit in a normal position in the drivers seat facing forward & use your side mirrors where possible to navigate the trailer. Hold your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel & simply move your hand in the direction you want the trailer to go. Yeap it's that easy.

If the trailer starts going off track to the passenger side, the trailer needs to come back to the drivers side. You need to bring it back in line by moving the bottom of the steering wheel to the drivers side. Just how far to move the steering wheel will depend on how much you need to bring the trailer back in line. By keeping an eye on the trailer & continually moving the wheel in short moves the trailer will stay in line.

Your brain seems to co-ordinate with direction better this way, rather than holding your hand at the top of the wheel & moving the wheel in the opposite direction. Never been any good at rubbing my stomach & patting my head at the same time.

Like everything, reversing takes practice, so get down to your local open space & try reversing in a straight line at first using the above method. Then as you get the hang of it try turning the trailer & follow it with your vehicle to achieve ninety degrees. Take special note of any stone guard mounted on the front of the camper so don't break your vehicles rear lights if you happen to jack knife it.

It all takes practice so don't be disappointed if you don't get it first go. Don't forget your navigator/co-pilot is very useful in keeping an eye on your progress & directing you from the rear with a handheld CB, especially in caravan parks where kids can be running around.

by Rob