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Richard's kitchen addition





Trak Shak kitchen addition

Oddly enough, we'd only had the TRAK SHAK for a little over a week when we took it away (on our honeymoon!) and I was sitting very comfortably having a glass or two of champagne and idly thinking when I sort of noticed that there was a large unused space beneath the existing shelf.

This article describes the removable shelf I made to fit under the existing pull-out shelf on the kitchen unit of a TRAK SHAK. It may not suit all TRAK SHAK kitchens as it slides under the stove for storage and different stoves may not have sufficient clearance to allow this. However modifications should be easy enough.

The frame for the shelf was made out of square aluminum tubing and aluminum angle. The shelf itself is a piece of Colourbond steel. The frame and the shelf were assembled using pop rivets. Two small steel angles were fixed to the legs of the existing shelf using self-tapers to provide support for one end of the shelf and to hold the new shelf in place Short lengths of aluminum angle were fixed to the frame so that the shelf slotted into place between the legs. The other end simply rests on the shelf used to hold the storage bins. For traveling, the new shelf slides neatly under the stove.

 Simple, quick to make and very useful.



Thanks to Richard for sharing his idea