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Sharp Park River Bend Weekend

on the weekend of Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd of April


    The second South East Queensland meet for the year was put together in a very quick time frame. I have to blame Tim the Timber man and Rod Luhrs for putting the pressure on me for this meet. This came about by chatting to them on facebook and asking if they had camped at the spot that I had checked out in 2010 for a CamperTrailers Group members meet but then things got in the way for organising one. Next message back was this date suits both of us. Thank you boys.

    We had ten soft and hard floor camper trailers, two Pacific Aluminium camper trailers, one Avan, three Jayco/Goldstream camper trailers, six caravans, one tent and a swag come to enjoy the surrounds of the Upper Coomera River. We were spread out far and wide around the camp ground which also had a large number of people camping who were not with the group. We did have an area booked for us but unfortunately when we set up our camps we did not realise this as the signs were a bit on the small side in amongst the trees.

    We had a number of members who were camping with the group for their first time who we hope were made to feel welcome. One stand out being Paula with her camper trailer and her friend Karyn with a tent. Paula regularly takes her two kids camping on her own as her partner works most weekends. She was in fact on her way to Lawn Hill for Easter and then onto the Kimberley's accompanied by her father with his camper trailer, her partner will fly in and meet them. Her last trip was to the Centre and her partner flew in there as well.


    Wendy and Darryl put their camper up in daylight for the first time. They have camped a number of times since setting the camper up, the first time in the dark at the Andrew Drynan weekend in 2010 and venues since. It was really great catching up once again with long time members, Barb and Darryl, Neil and Margaret who since the last time I have camped with them at Spring Gully in 2009 have upgraded their rigs for their next era in life, travelling for long periods around this great country of ours. It was also good to see Noel and Cathi again, Noel always brings some sort of entertainment to a meet from stealing peoples food and this time stealing someones drink. Mine. I know I have instilled into my children not to leave your drink unattended wherever they are but I should do the same for myself. I didnít have to worry about something in it, there was none left and it was a fresh glass of scotch and soda. Thanks Noel but have to admit the prank they played on your port bottle was a classic.


    Some people who should remain nameless helped him finish off his bottle of port on the Friday night but they realised he was not aware of this and part filled it with water. Noel saying it was great he still had some nice port left over from the previous night and was being generous offering some to people around the fire, most who knew what was going to happen. When he had his first mouthful of water was so funny. The look on his face. Cathi had tears streaming down her face, she was laughing that much. I would have loved to have had the camera focused on him but it would have just been too obvious and I donít think I would have held it steady anyway as I was laughing as much as Cathi. I did feel for him and went and gave him a glass of port but had I known he was going to steal my scotch later from around a different fire I might not of.


    Saturday morning tea was held under a big shade tree alongside a very large concrete culvert which just made the perfect table for all the goodies. Neil kindly swept it clean and Margaret put a lovely tablecloth on it well donít tell anyone it was a sheet but it did the job well. Neil made the comment to me, ďwhat was he going to sleep on that nightĒ and I said if he had too much to drink and was snoring too loud he might be put out to sleep on the concrete table for the night so to be careful. People were socialising with each other talking about campers, places, life in general and new cameras, both Helena and I were sporting new Cannon cameras. I had mentioned to the group in my welcome greeting that we were soon to go to the hard side, hard floor, Pie Vanís as they have been nicknamed up here, Helen decided to pass her big hat around for donations for the Jenkinson's to help pay for the new van. Thanks Helen.

    After morning tea Noel and Cathi issued invitations for anyone who wanted to go for a run up to Black Duck Creek Road near OíReileys anyone who had a 4WD and was interested . Tim, Alan and Kathy and ourselves went for the drive. Rob and Dianne came as passengers in our vehicle. Something about not making their car dirty or scratching their car. We were all on UHFís and many a laugh was had along the way. The first being a comment of Alan and Kathy with the Pajero being sandwiched between Noel and Cathiís Patrol and our Patrol and the comment of if need be there was one to push out or one to pull out. Rob and Dianne were called the hanger-onís, Rob mentioned he could not criticise the driver especially on the track as there was a long walk back home. The first stop was at a lookout and much discussion was held about which mountain we were looking at Rob and Lindsay pulled back the safety fence around the shelter area which was having renovations to see what all the lookout points were. It was ďMt LindesayĒ. The drive was really scenic and the dirt road slightly wet in some places, great views, lots of trees with names of lookouts or peoples views around every corner. Thanks Noel and Cathi, I really enjoyed the afternoon drive and thanks for sharing your lunch with us.


    We got back in time for happy hours and a walk round to the camps. Rex showed off his new Avan and his new gadgets. Anyone who knows Rex, knows he will always have something new. This time it was led sensor lights which he has put on the door step and all the doors in the Avan so that when you open a door there is always a light in the cupboard. Helen told Rex the next day that he was not to talk to Peter again that weekend as they had to go for a drive to Bunnings on the Sunday morning to buy some and she didnít want to spend any more money. Maybe they needed to also buy a timer for when you put something in the freezer to cool down you will be reminded to take it out. Ask Peter what happens to Coke cans left in the freezer overnight?


    We had a couple of fires around the group that night, with people going from one to the other. Marshmellows, sparklers for the kids, people just visiting and using any chair that was left vacant at the time. Noel also commented that he liked the furry bits on our seats. Noel, they were sheep skins. Thank you so much to Rob Sanderson for that tip, many years ago, the sheepskins are warm in winter and cool in summer. I never go camping without them now. We also had a spectacular light show in the sky. I donít know who copped the storm but we were lucky. It just went around us.


    Sunday morning dawned with a small sprinkle of rain so it looked like wet pack up for some but it soon dried out except for John and Penny who had friends come for lunch and did not see the next shower coming and had to go home and put up a slightly wet camper.


    Thank you all for the weekend it was lots of fun as always. It was really great catching up with all again and I look forward to the next meet wherever or whenever it will be.


Robyn and Lindsay



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