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Upper Shoalhaven weekend


upper shoalhaven weekend
near nowra nsw



Given the short notice, we had a small group of 5 vehicles and occupants attend. Allan & Amanda were also on the list, but cancelled as the weekend coincided with the Sydney mardigras. The weather was perfect ready for a great weekend in our favor. Following the directions, most attendees found their way successfully, except Phil & Sandra who arrived at the wrong beach, calls for help were heard over the CB. A quick pack up, then Allan & I had the task of locating there whereabouts and lead them back to our planned camp spot on the beautiful banks of the Shoalhaven River. Friday was an R&R day, as we waited for the members arrival. The traditional happy hour at 4pm, followed by the campfire after dinner.




Allan handed out the question sheets for the Town Guessing Competition, to be completed by Sunday morning for the judging. As there also was a fishing competition in progress many anglers wet a line trying for the big one. Luckily all were terrible fisherman, so the fish were pretty safe.


Thanks to Dave and Peter who brought their canoes for all to use, many took the opportunity to venture out for a paddle, while others enjoyed a refreshing swim. Chris & Chloe were entertained by young Joel, very beneficial to Chloe as she’s taking on a career in primary teaching. Although after a few hours with Joel has now changed her future plan, to making earmuffs instead.


After lunch Allan led the group for sightseeing of the surrounding area, and the old abandoned Gold Mine town. Some 4wdriving skills were put into action as we drove around, visiting other beaches of the area, before heading back to camp for happy hour.




Another gorgeous still morning the river resembling a mirror and made for a great photo opportunity, the reflection over the water were just superb. The boys were out for an early morning paddle while the more energetic ones enjoyed an early swim before the pack up.


It was then time for the judging of Name the Towns Competition, “and the winner is”…. Norm, Chris, Chloe and Mitchell. Allan presented them with a bottle of wine and a Cadbury’s chocolate before they posed for a photo. Most of the campers were very busy packing camps for the return journey home. Kevin was first to depart, followed by Peter & Dave. Norm & Chris made an early getaway as they couldn’t resist on the rear opportunity to join the other 5000 crowd in the form of art at Sydney Opera house. A great weekend was enjoyed by all.




Allan & Mary Anne Randahl & Joel (age 5yrs)  70 series Landcruiser & Wombat Slideon
Peter Elliot & David Beven Rodeo & Cub Kamparoo Camper Trailer
Norm, Chris, Chloe & Mitchell Eves Landcruiser & Goldstream Camper Trailer
Phil & Sandra Reid Jeep & Light Camper Trailer
Kevin Davis Toyota Prado & Cub Camper Trailer














Allan & Mary Anne Randahl