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making the 3way camping fridge fit






Shortening a 3-way Camp Fridge



     My camp fridge was too tall to fit into my Camper Trailer so I decided to shorten it. Since completing this DIY project I found out that many people are having the same problem with their camp fridges. So I was encouraged to put this project up on the net for all campers out who wish to do the same thing.

Starting with a $300 3-way Aldi fridge

Stage 1:  Take out all the screws and pull it all apart with care for the cooling components.
 Stage 2:  Cut off the top using a angle grinder, shears, hacksaws and remove the excess sheetmetal and foam. Stage 3:  Temporary reassembly of the fridge and trim part to fit as necessary.
Stage 4:  Tape the top surround in place then refill the gap with expanding foam. Stage 5:  Trim off the excess foam once it has dried solid.
Stage 6:  Reinstall the cooling components ensuring the fins are vertical and the heater tube is aligned with hole in the case. Stage 7:  Use expanding foam to plug the gap aroung the cooling tube.
Stage 8:  Trim off the excess foam once it has dried then use duct tape to provide some sealing for the foam. Stage 9: Reinstall the remaining components.

    If you wish to use the fridge on 12V while in the camper, ensure it has excellent ventilation. Using a large 12v fan to suck out the hot air is good or else some type of air scoop may be acceptable if you are only using it whilst driving.


Thanks to Chris for sharing this project with us.


november 2008