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solar blanket




solar blanket

keeping the camper trailer cool



A solar blanket is one effective way of insulating the camper trailer from the heat of the summer sun and, but not yet tried by me – cold frosty nights!

I should at the outset provide the usual caveat and say that I have no connections with the manufacturer/supplier of the blanket I am writing about.

The blanket is available in two lengths, 9 feet and 14 feet.

I purchased a 14foot “off the peg version” size with predetermined connectors. I believe the company will make to order. I have found the best way to secure the blanket is by 4 guy ropes at the corners together with spring connectors. It would be possible to connect to the main tent on the non-awning side. My method has coped with high wind very well.

I do remove the blanket at night to allow the camper trailer to “breathe”. The blanket easily concertinas onto the ground and can be replaced in the morning folded onto the camper trailer tent roof. Dragging over I found to be impossible single-handed and that procedure is probably not good for the long term care of the canvas!

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    Pictures taken by the River Murray at Loxton, SA – January 2008 with camper trailer attached to GQ.


thanks to Mike Fretwell for sharing this information.


february 2008