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Spring Gully Stays weekend meet


south east queensland

Spring Gully Stays

held on the weekend from Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th February 2011

    Here I go. Our first time hosting and first time writing up of a Camper Trailer group meet.

    Spring Gully Stays is nestled at the foot of the Lamington National Park, and next to the picturesque Canungra Creek. It is just 10km from Canungra township and along only 4km of dirt road, which I did assure people was quite two wheel drive friendly… Well it was, when the camper trailer group first met there in August 2007 and returning in August 2008 and November 2009. This time it was a little bumpier. The recent rains and floods damaged some of the creek crossings. I did hear that someone in a lower vehicle needed a little bit of a push over the one flooded river crossing and it seems our jockey wheel was hanging too low, got snagged and became a little twisted and scuffed on the way to camp. Michael did need to buy and install a new one shortly after our arrival home. Thanks to everyone that helped us set up with our limp wristed jockey wheel so we could camp for the weekend. Apart from that and a little matter of keys being locked in a trailer and a lock needing to be cut off before they could enjoy camping with us, there weren’t any other tragedies over the weekend. Our seven year old son, David, even managed to stay tick free – yay!

    We arrived shortly before 5.00pm on the Friday and were surprised to see we were one of the last to arrive. We only spent 30 minutes or so searching for the perfect spot. I heard rumours others took an hour or two! We had a lovely spot by the creek and fire, except it was in full sun, all day. Many others were right by the creek in the shade of lovely thick trees all day or on the other side of the track protected by the mountain and more trees. The shade was very important because Sunday was our hottest day for this summer and we all felt it!

    There were a few fires with campers around them on Friday night but most retreated early due to a sprinkling of rain.

    Saturday morning there was a light misting of rain before the heat came on and we enjoyed a lovely morning tea under the shade of a large tree. A few more campers arrived during our morning tea and I tried to introduce everyone to everyone and we chatted and picked at some fine food. Thanks to everyone that brought something to share.

    Saturday afternoon found most campers in the big waterhole and/or in the creek trying to keep cool. Some of us were concerned that some younger campers, not with us, celebrating a 21st may party on too hard and keep us awake but we were very relieved they must have exhausted themselves and fell quiet around 9.00pm.

    Before the biggest satellite (the moon) rose on Saturday night we were spotting heaps of satellites transverse the skies. It was lovely to see and join people chatting around the fires under the clear skies and full moon.

    Sunday, was hot but the creek was lovely and cool. Shane was dashing about all morning helping people with their questions about solar panels and stuff. Over breakfast I spotted a couple of tawny frog mouth owls in a tree near our camp so that was an opportunity for many to get their cameras out. People started leaving mid morning and by the time we left just after 5.00pm, I think there were only five campers left to stay on until Monday and they had gathered for drinks and nibblies. I thought it amazing we didn’t get the practically, prerequisite storm for packing up with on Sunday, but they got that on Monday, instead.

    There were 28 campers made up of camper trailers of all sizes and shapes, tents and caravans camping with us enjoying the weekend. That was over 66 people plus dogs, cat and bird plus a few day visitors. I think we all agreed it is a lovely spot to camp and we enjoyed great company. Now hands up for who wants to host the next one?

Mary and Michael van Luyn



photos by Mary




photos by Tim

















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